TikToker discovers cinema life hack to get unlimited popcorn

Virginia Glaze
TikToker goes viral for genius movie theater poprcorn hack
Unsplash.com: Corina Rainer / TikTok: krisfade

Movie theaters can be an expensive affair these days — but one genius TikToker has discovered a way for movie-goers to get an unlimited amount of popcorn.

With things reopening after the global health crisis, movie theaters are a popular destination for film buffs and date nights… but they can be a pricey experience, especially compared to prices from a decade ago.

As many evening tickets start at $20 each and concessions (candy, popcorn, and sodas) are higher than ever, a simple movie night can easily add up to $100.

However, one TikToker has apparently found a solution for the rising prices of cinema treats, and they’ve shared it with the entire internet.

Movie Theater hack shared by genius tiktoker
Unsplash.com: Felipe Bustillo
With movie theater prices surging, one TikToker is taking matters into his own hands.

TikTok user Kris Fade uploaded a video on June 25 that’s racking up millions of views. The 60-second clip shows him walking up to his local theater, a Vox cinema, with a giant plastic container.

“I heard that for 25 Dirhams (about $6 USD), you can fill up any size tub with popcorn,” he explained. “We’re gonna put it to the test and see if they actually fill this baby up.”

It turns out that this deal is only valid on Sundays — but the theater actually honored their word and filled up the entire plastic tub with fresh popcorn, wrangling in multiple workers to get the job done.

“So it’s true,” the TikToker said after finding his seat in the cinema. “Any size tub on a Sunday gets filled up for 25 Dirhams. Oh, and don’t worry. I ain’t wasting this. Me and the kids are gonna be eating this for the next year.”

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Although it’s unclear if the tub of popcorn will remain fresh or get stale over that amount of time, Fade is definitely set for his next few theater-going experiences.

Vox cinemas even took notice of the viral clip, which has gained well over 4 million views and chimed in on the subject in a comment with some important tips.

“Bring ANY SIZE TUB you want!” they wrote. “The only condition is: It must be food grade, rigid, and able to stand on its own. No polyethylene or fabric bags.”

Vox cinemas tiktok comment popcorn
TikTok: VOX Cinemas
Vox Cinemas made sure to remind movie-goers what constitutes an acceptable popcorn container.


This is just the latest life hack to take over TikTok; recently, a woman went viral on the app for sharing her “hack” of cleaning her salad greens in the washing machine.