TikToker starts debate after worker draws heart on boyfriend’s receipt

Kawter Abed
Screenshots from viral TikTok videoTIKTOK: BBYNELZ

A woman has sparked a debate on TikTok after sharing video of a heart drawn on her boyfriend’s order receipt by a worker.

Jealousy is a common human emotion that most people will experience in relationships. It’s easy to be be a little bothered when you see other people overcomplimenting your significant other on their social media posts.

But what about when your food gets delivered with a little heart drawn to your SO’s receipt? TikToker @bbynelz was left flabbergasted when exactly that happened to her.

The woman says her boyfriend ordered food from a spot called Fresh Kitchen, which was delivered with a receipt with a heart drawn around his name on the order receipt.

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Less than impressed about the sweet gesture, the TikToker says “Got this f*cking food my boyfriend ordered, and this b*tch is gonna put a heart around his f*cking name. Who is this b*tch? You got b*tches that work at Fresh Kitchen? Got b*tches making my food?”.

TikTok divided

The video, captioned “but naw frl why she did this,” has over a million views, with users commenting on how they would have reacted to the waitress’ gesture.

One user wrote, “My pregnancy hormones would’ve had me call & cuss everybody out.” Another user commented that “Personally, I would be arguing all day.”

Some encouraged the TikToker to call and complain about the heart, or even give the restaurant a visit. A commenter admitted that “personally, I wouldn’t let that slide,” prompting the TikToker to ask if she should “go up there.”

Others did not seem to mind, with one asking @bbynelz “Did it taste good tho? Was it made with love or hate?” to which the TikToker responded, “Honestly I was so high, so it tasted phenomenal.”

Another user confessed that she adds a heart to every order she bags, but “Maybe I gotta stop.”

So what would you have done in this situation? Would you laugh it off? Send a complaint? Write a 1-star review? Let us know!