TikToker goes viral after discovering terrifying SpongeBob SquarePants fan game

Lawrence Scotti
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TikTok: KingWoolz

A TikToker went viral after playing through a SpongeBob SquarePants horror game, and it’s actually quite scary.

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the beloved cartoons in television history. The original show has been on the air for over 20 years spawning off tons of movies, video games, and memes from the Nickelodeon series.

It’s captivated both children and an adult audience with a hilarious blend of humor that appeals to all ages, and an incredible cast of voice actors and artists bringing Bikini Bottom to life.

Although the show is made for children, one content creator discovered a fan-made game of SpongeBob that is incredibly scary.

Reddit: Bren12310
Reddit: Bren12310
What if SpongeBob was a horrifying Frankenstein monster?

TikToker goes viral for playing Spongebob horror game

KingWoolz is a YouTuber and TikToker who discovered the SpongeBob horror game, titled The True Ingredients.

Woolz chopped up a TikTok that showed him playing through the game, a video that went viral instantly.

In the playthrough, Woolz enters The Krusty Krab and in immediately confronted with a strange, shrieking customer. Patrick Star can be seen slamming his head directly into the entrance door.

Down the stairs is Plankton, locked in a prison cell. Eventually, Woolz encounters the secret Krabby patty formula. Plankton phases out of the prison cell and attempts to pick up the formula, only to be impaled the moment he picks it up.

As Woolz is scared to death, he attempts to run out of the basement, only to encounter a monstrous version of SpongeBob who then begins chasing him.

“What the f**k is that!” Woolz shouts as he sprints for his life.

SpongeBob has had some horror-themed episodes in the past, but none are nearly as scary as this fan-made game, made by RenderPi. The game developer has also made a horror game version Shrek.