Neil Druckmann drops major hint for The Last of Us Part 3

the last of us part 2 ellie rifle headerNaughty Dog

In a recent interview, Naughty Dog’s Co-President Neil Druckmann talked about the future of The Last of Us video game franchise, hinting at more to come.

The Last of Us has undoubtedly become one of PlayStation’s biggest 1st party series alongside other titans like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Insomniac’s Spider-Man series.

Though many fans were expecting 2020’s The Last of Us Part 2 to wrap up Joel and Ellie’s story, the game certainly left room for more to tell should Naughty Dog want to continue the series.

Now, the series’ creative director Neil Druckmann has confirmed that he believes the studio could very well make a Last of Us Part 3 sometime in the future.

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The Last of Us creative director teases future plans for the series

Druckmann spoke to The Hollywood Reporter’s James Hibberd about the upcoming HBO series adaptation. While the interview mainly focused on the television show and how it plans to revitalize the ‘Zombie’ genre on TV, Druckmann also talked a bit about the game series as well.

While Druckmann couldn’t confirm whether or not Part 3 was in development at Naughty Dog, he did say that he thinks “there’s more story to tell.” Fans who’ve played through Part 2 know exactly what Druckmann means.

The Last of Us Part 2Naughty Dog
The Last of Us Part 2’s ending left room for Naughty Dog to continue the series in quite a few ways.

Without going into spoilers, the ending of Part 2 certainly leaves room to answer some lingering questions about not only characters fans have come to love, but also broader questions about the game’s world.

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Druckmann also confirmed that the team behind the HBO show has “no plans to tell any stories beyond adapting the games,” and that they “won’t run into the same issue as Game of Thrones since Part 2 doesn’t end on a cliffhanger.”

Whether or not Naughty Dog’s next project will be The Last of Us Part 3 remains to be seen, however, it feels like a safe bet to say Naughty Dog still has plenty of story left to tell in their Clicker-infested world.