Naughty Dog exec seems to debunk Last of Us 3 rumors

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In a recent social media post, series co-creator Neil Druckmann seemed to push back at rumors about The Last of Us Part 3.

On the heels of The Last of Us Part 2’s release, Druckmann maintained there was no clear plan for a potential third entry.

He did, however, note that he and Part 2’s co-writer, Halley Gross, had mapped out a few ideas. But as of 2020, no such project had entered production at Naughty Dog. That much may have changed in the years since then.

Recent claims from a prominent leaker suggest a third Last of Us game is currently in the works at the Santa Monica-based outfit.

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Are The Last of Us Part 3 rumors actually true?

While wishing his Twitter followers a Happy New Year, Neil Druckmann cast doubt about the validity of the aforementioned Last of Us rumors.

“P.S. be wary of ‘insider’ info. Much of it is false,” the Naughty Dog Co-President wrote. Since the TLoU story counts as the latest alleged bit of “insider info” circulating about Naughty Dog, reason dictates that’s what Druckmann’s tweet indirectly references.

Of course, Druckmann’s words could serve as a misdirection of sorts, an effort to keep The Last of Us Part 3 rumors at bay.

At the time of writing, though, the public remains unaware of what the crew has up its sleeve – barring the long-awaited Factions multiplayer.

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But Naughty Dog is hard at work on another unnamed project, which Druckmann teased late last year. He told The New Yorker the game’s production would be more “collaborative” than past titles, such that its creative process will mirror a TV writers’ room. What that entails presently remains a mystery.