Last of Us remake’s gameplay is unchanged from the original, leaker says

last of us remake gameplay rumorSony Interactive Entertainment

According to someone who leaked a series of The Last of Us remake images, the gameplay hasn’t been improved upon.

The Last of Us Part I’s remake counted among the worst-kept secrets in gaming for a year or so before Naughty Dog and Sony finally confirmed its existence.

Notably, the project’s formal reveal hit the web earlier this year, with a PS5 release slated for this coming September. A PC version is in the works as well, though a launch date has yet to surface as of writing.

Leaked gameplay footage and screenshots recently made the rounds, however. As such, a few other uncorroborated details have also begun circulating online.

The Last of Us remake’s gameplay details allegedly leak

last of us part I remake gameplay rumorsSony Interactive Entertainment
The Last of Us received a significant graphical overhaul for its remake.

Leaked gameplay clips and screenshots of TLoU Part I’s remake were floating around earlier today before Sony caught wind of it.

According to ResetEra user ImBald, the person responsible had a few other details to share about the project. The leaker alleges that TLoU’s remake will feature “no gameplay improvements.”

Apparently, most of the changes in terms of gameplay concern animation and audio enhancements. Should this prove accurate, players who disliked the shooting and rudimentary melee mechanics on PS3 or PS4 won’t be pleased.

There’s a bright side, though. The insider claims the upcoming title will support VRR, 4K at 40fps (Gameplay Mode), and 4K at 60fps (Dynamic Mode).

Supposedly, the remake boasts a number of TLoU Part II’s acclaimed accessibility features.

All of the above should be taken with a grain of salt for the time being. This especially holds true since Naughty Dog previously insisted that Last of Us’ remake would include “modernized gameplay” and “improved controls.”

What these changes may entail won’t be clear until the game hits digital stores and retailers on September 2.