Last of Us dev still isn’t ready to show multiplayer game amid showcase upset

Brianna Reeves
last of us multiplayer

Following its absence during the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase, Naughty Dog has confirmed The Last of Us multiplayer game still needs more time.

Naughty Dog initially planned on shipping The Last of Us Part II with a Factions multiplayer suite akin to the one featured in the original title.

However, a need to invest all studio resources into completing the story placed the online mode on hold. The team later confirmed the next phase of Last of Us’ multiplayer experience would launch as a standalone piece.

Apart from key art shared during Summer Game Fest 2022, little else has been shared about the game in any official capacity. Fans expected that to change in the lead-up to PlayStation’s recent showcase, yet TLoU was a no-show.

The Last of Us multiplayer game needs more time

Fan disappointment about The Last of Us’ lack of a presence at PlayStation Showcase has prompted a response from Naughty Dog.

In a Twitter post, the studio stated that while everyone involved is proud of their progress, thus far, what’s “best for the game is to give it more time.”

The post went on to note that work on The Last of Us’ multiplayer project will continue unabated, as will efforts toward producing an unannounced single-player project.

Reporting out of Bloomberg suggests there may be more to the story, though. According to journalist Jason Schreier, sources familiar with the project say Naughty Dog has “scaled down” the multiplayer crew to analyze the next best steps.

The reporter implies that Bloomberg’s request for a comment on the matter may have led to the studio releasing the statement above.

Regardless of the veracity of Bloomberg’s report, it would seem The Last of Us’ standalone multiplayer game isn’t in the best shape.

It may have started simply enough when Naughty Dog planned for a Factions mode in TLoU Part II. However, rumors and job listings pointing to the adoption of a games-as-a-service model suggest the storied development house may have bitten off more than it could chew.