The Last of Us multiplayer standalone game confirmed at Summer Game Fest

Still from the Last of Us 2's multiplayerNaughty Dog

Fans waiting for news on a Last of Us multiplayer mode got a pleasant surprise at Summer Game Fest.

Almost two years ago, fans were enraptured by the second installment in the Last of Us franchise. However, many others were left less-than-pleased.

In addition to some gripes regarding the storytelling, fans were unhappy that the Last of Us 2 did not include a version of Factions, the multiplayer suite found in the first game.

The multiplayer game mode, which players believed would be released alongside the Last of Us 2 just as it was for the original title, has been the subject of many rumors and teases but Naughty Dog confirmed that the project is underway as part of Summer Game Fest.

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The Last of Us multiplayer game revealed

At Summer Game Fest, Naughty Dog co-president and Director of the Last of Us, Neil Druckmann, announced that the long-awaited multiplayer mode is on the way, but with a twist.

Because of the dedication and passion of the team behind the multiplayer mode, the Last of Us 2’s multiplayer will be released as a standalone game instead.

Not much information was revealed regarding this standalone game, with just a single still shown, but Druckmann did confirm that the game will have an all-new cast and setting, which appears to be an overrun San Francisco.

In addition, though this is a multiplayer game, Druckmann says that The Last of Us multiplayer game will feature a story set in the universe of the prior games. The way Naughty Dog is telling that story “is very unique to this game,” according to Druckmann, hinting that there may be new storytelling elements that the Last of Us hasn’t featured before.

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No release date for the Last of Us 2 multiplayer has been given yet, nor an official title, but Druckmann told fans to expect more information about the game in 2023.

The news preceded the reveal of a Last of Us remake, dubbed The Last of Us Part 1, which had leaked earlier today, while filming of the upcoming HBO show based on the series will also wrap up shortly.