YouTubers build the “world’s biggest laptop” weighing over 100lbs

Sayem Ahmed
YouTubers posing with their DIY world's biggest laptop

YouTubers Evan and Katelyn have built what they dub the “world’s biggest laptop”. It is powered by a 43-inch TV in addition to Intel NUC, encased in a DIY exterior, complete with RGB.

With gaming keyboards covered, Youtubers Evan and Katelyn have made what they dub the “world’s biggest laptop”. The final product weighs over 100 lbs, with a 43-inch TV and Intel NUC housed inside.

The laptop itself is built from a frame of aluminum extrusions, flanked by wooden adornments. The duo documented the painstaking process on their YouTube channel. It involved precise measurements to ensure that the TV mount was positioned correctly, with a strong hinge to support the build.

The laptop was built with an Intel NUC 11, alongside the TV. The total system would draw over 260 watts when powered on. The challenge then became how to power this hulking monstrosity. The duo had two inches to fit three batteries. One for the monitor, one for the PC, and one for the accessories and RGB.

Custom brackets held the batteries in place, and RGB stripes were added onto the exterior of the device to keep everything addressable, and for the iconic gamer glow you usually see on Razer devices.

The duo continued to CNC their own design into the chassis, which was then poured over with colorful resin. The interior was set with ABS plastic for finishing purposes, which makes for a surprisingly sleek look. A trackpad and an appropriately large keyboard were also set in place to make the system fully functional.

The end product is, as you would expect, ridiculously large and impractical for general use. The total weight of the system is around 100 lbs or 45kg.

Yes, it can run Elden Ring

The world's biggest laptop running Elden Ring

The laptop is powered by an Intel NUC 11 and features an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor, and an Nvidia RTX 2060. We do not know what model of TV the two used for the monitor, however. Though, it should be able to run most modern games with some ray tracing capabilities just fine. The laptop was pictured running Risk of Rain 2, in addition to Elden Ring.

So, while it may be portable, it’s still pretty powerful. We wouldn’t want to take it to any LAN parties anytime soon, though.

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