Xreal Air 2 AR glasses first major launch for rebranded Nreal

Joel Loynds
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Xreal, formerly Nreal, has launched its second pair of Air glasses, the Air 2 and Air 2 Pro. It’s the first major launch since their rebrand.

The first pair of augmented reality glasses from Xreal since their major rebrand from Nreal has launched in China. While the launch is limited to the Chinese region for now, they are planning to launch them in the West at a later date.

Xreal’s first pair, the Air, impressed us with its concept but didn’t live up to the promises. The Air 2 seems to be staying the course, with a similar set of internal specs, but new externals. This includes a lighter device, with it now weighing 72 grams rather than the nearly 80 grams of the first.

However, it’s the Air 2 Pro that is bringing the truly new tech to the table. The Pro version of the glasses will come with dimmable lenses, allowing you to theoretically avoid the hard plastic top from the first. What’s more, Xreal will now bundle the Beam remote it launched soon after the first Air for controlling the AR space.

The Air 2 seems mighty familiar

However, a Reddit user broke down the differences between the two headsets and found that outside of the weight and color saturation of the screen, there’s not much new internally. However, the OLED panels used are apparently sporting a much higher pixel-per-inch (PPI), making them moderately better quality.

The Air 2 will still have a limited field of view in its VR mode, as well as still at 1080p. They also point out that the USB-C cable is still the same, which means the Air 2 could still have the device connectivity limitations as the Air. When we reviewed it, unless using specific adapters or devices, the Xreal Air didn’t function with every device we tried it on.

Xreal Air 2 price

Pricing is a little shaky for the US right now, as we only have the conversion estimates. Priced at RMB 2,499 (Chinese Yuan), that puts the Air 2 at around $340. The bundle will cost $450 and the Pro version is estimated to cost $409.

The device is available via some retailers on eBay right now, but your mileage might vary as it is shipping out of China.

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