User accidentally sends $1.5 million in Bitcoin to “Jared from Subway”

Three gold bitcoins laid out togetherUnsplash: Dmitry Demidko

A flustered user put out a desperate personal plea via Discord to return his $1.5 million in Bitcoin after he sent it to someone with the nickname “jaredfromsubway” by complete accident.

One holder of Bitcoin made a fatal mistake when transferring funds to another recipient by inputting the wrong address, sending $1.5 million worth of Bitcoin to a wallet of someone going by the pseudonym “Jared from Subway.”

Upon realizing the mistake the user took to a Discord server, which was not named in the report, and pleaded with “Jared” to return his cryptocurrency.

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“Jared from Subway, if you are reading this please help. I sent you by mistake tokens for about $1.5 m. Is there any possibility to get them back? Or my investors would kill me. Please help, Jared! I want to live,” wrote the author of the mistake, before providing the details of the transactions.

Internet reacts to $1.5 mil mistake involving “Jared from Subway”

While the situation went down on an undisclosed Discord server, Twitter user 0xCuteSocks made it public via their Tweet, breaking the situation down and providing links to the details of the multiple transactions that the user made.

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Twitter users in the replies were confused as to how exactly one makes such a fumble with such a high amount of money.

“How do you make multiple accidental transactions to the wrong address? Like you should check after the first one,” wrote one user.

“Imagine not making a test transaction before sending $1.5mil,” wrote another, equally baffled person.

The Discord user “camper” who made the initial mistake has reportedly gotten through to “JaredfromSubway” and has had almost all of the money returned to them, with “Jared” keeping around $50,000 for themselves.

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This crypto horror story luckily had a happy ending, but not every story related to stolen crypto ends on such a note. In late March 2023, $8.9 million in crypto were stolen in the Safemoon hack, dragging Jake Paul back into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

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