This Kindle alternative has key feature Amazon is desperately missing

Dylan Horetski
Kobo Libra Colour on a bed

E-book-focused company Kobo has finally revealed its first-ever devices using color e-ink, and they’re gorgeous.

Ever since Amazon’s Kindle devices began taking off in popularity, other companies have created high-quality alternatives for those looking for other options.

Kobo is one of them, and the company has finally revealed its first-ever lineup of devices that are using a color e-ink screen.

The company shared the new devices in a press release on April 10, 2024, including a Kindle Scribe competitor.

“We are pleased to be the first global ebook platform to offer affordable color eReaders, bringing both your books and our bookstore to life with a beautiful spectrum of gentle hues. It’s everything you love about print, with all the benefits of e-reading,” said Michael Tamblyn, CEO of Rakuten Kobo.

Kobo’s flagship device, the Libra Colour, comes in at $219 with its 7″ color e-ink screen that the company is marketing towards journalers, note-takers, and booktok’ers.

It doesn’t come with the stylus, however, so you’ll have to shell out another $70 before you can write on the screen. The Libra Colour looks wonderful to use though, with a slightly curved edge that features two page turn buttons.

For those on a budget, the Clara Colour, comes with a slightly smaller 6″ color e-ink screen with no page turn buttons as well as no support for the Kobo Stylus.

They both look gorgeous, and seeing color e-ink screens make their way into a more mainstream device is a welcome upgrade for readers, comic book lovers, and more.

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