Save $900 on Samsung’s huge Odyssey Ark gaming monitor before Black Friday

Sayem Ahmed
Odyssey Ark monitor on Black Friday backgroundSamsung / Dexerto

Looking to upgrade your gaming PC setup? Samsung has slashed $900 off the incredible-looking Odyssey Ark gaming monitor before Black Friday even begins.

Shopping for a new gaming monitor doesn’t have to be difficult. Why settle for anything but the best? Samsung’s Odyssey Ark is a gigantic 55-inch, curved MiniLED screen that can be driven up to 165Hz. Now, you can save $800 on the monitor itself with this killer early Black Friday deal.

Slashed from its MSRP of $2699, Samsung is offering up a discount of almost one thousand dollars, which is nothing to shake a stick at. Likely, this deal won’t last forever, so pick one up directly from Samsung while you can.

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It’s got all the tech you need

I’ve actually used one of these gigantic behemoths, and it’s truly a sight to behold. Not only does the monitor offer an immersive 55-inch screen, but it’s curved too, allowing for truly engrossing single-player experiences.

To be honest, while many gaming monitors are chasing the OLED train, I actually think that MiniLED will be the way to go for most people, just because you are reducing the risk of UIs burning in on your display. It makes for better longevity, and when using Windows or any other similar OS, you run the risk of entirely ruining your investment. But, this is not the case for MiniLED, which does not burn in.

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Paired with features like Freesync, you’ll be able to play AAAs like Alan Wake 2 and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty at a buttery smooth 165Hz if you’ve got the computing power to back it all up. It’s a perfect way to upgrade your gaming setup and is stunning on your desk.

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