Programmer dominates hackathon using a Steam Deck

Rebecca Hills-Duty
A Steam Deck OLED

The Steam Deck has already proven to be a versatile device, but one programmer has taken it a step further by using the handheld as a development computer in a Hackathon.

The Valve Steam Deck is a remarkably powerful device for being in such a small factor. A number of users have taken advantage of its capabilities and portability to create unique set-ups such as using it to power a DJ set. One programmer and Redditor decided to put the Steam Deck to the ultimate test by using the Steam Deck as his primary development machine in a Hackathon.

A Hackathon is a competitive event where developers and programmers aim to create a functioning piece of hardware or software within a limited period of time. The results of these events are varied and can range from simple tools or interface designs to the development of an entire operating system.

Hackathon win using only a Steam Deck

Programmer and Reddit user SweatyAnReady14 took his Steam Deck to a Hackathon event where he worked with the handheld as his development computer over the weekend-long event. He succeeded in crafting a job interview app using the device and even won an award for Best Presentation.

Steam Deck used in Hackathon

SweatyAnReady14 clarified in the comments that he was using the official Valve Steam Deck dock, along with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. He advised anyone considering something similar to invest in a portable monitor for easy transport.

When asked if the Steam Deck presented any unique advantages or difficulties, SweatyAnReady14 responded: “Really disadvantages were just getting it set up. I’m used to Ubuntu and SteamOS uses a custom Arch distro. Surprise advantage: it’s actually amazing once you get it set up. It’s Extremely performant and portable too! Honestly wouldn’t consider it a handicap at all which I did not expect.”

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