Paper Mario remake hints at Switch 2 backwards compatibility in unused code

Rosalie Newcombe
Screenshot from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door on Nintendo Switch.

A data miner has discovered references to 4K video support within the code of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remake for Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch may be well into the seventh year of its lifespan, but the console shows no signs of slowing down. Even with the rumored release of the Switch 2 right around the corner, the current Switch is still receiving notable releases, including Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the remake of the beloved GameCube game.

However, while the Switch remake brings with it some new and upgraded visuals, the game’s code also provides references to 4K resolutions.

Posted to X/Twitter, data miner RibShark shared a screenshot of the game code of the brand-new GameCube remake. According to RibShark, the Paper Mario TTYD code reveals a reference to 4K resolutions for the game, which the Nintendo Switch doesn’t currently support.

As it stands, unless you have a third-party upscaler between your Switch and TV, the current Nintendo Switch isn’t capable of 4K resolutions. The Switch can only support a video output of up to 1080p, and this includes the upgraded OLED model.

However, rumors surrounding the Switch 2, have suggested the upcoming console could support 4K resolutions. Switch accessory manufacturer Modapad leaked information revealing the dock for the future console will support up to 4K video output. The console is also rumored to be capable of running Nvidia’s DLSS technology, alluding more to its likely 4K capabilities.

While Paper Mario TTYD is a release for the current Switch, Modapad has also stated its predecessor will be backward compatible with current Switch cartridges. With that in mind, the discovered code could allude to the Switch 2 backward compatibility of the game.

At this point in time, Nintendo has confirmed the Switch successor is on its way. Whether the console will receive 4K support and be backward compatible with games like Paper Mario TTYD, is yet to be announced.

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