Nvidia RTX 4070 price drops in response to AMD RX 7800 XT

RTX 4070 next to RTX 4080Dexerto

Nvidia’s RTX 4070 has received a $50 price drop at certain US retailers, seemingly in response to the power of AMD’s RX 7800 XT.

Shopping for a new GPU just got a little bit more complicated. AMD’s RX 7800 XT proved to be an impressive contender upon its release, which was priced incredibly competitively, compared to other options out there on the market, like Nvidia’s $599 RTX 4070.

While the two GPUs perform incredibly similarly, they go blow-to-blow based on things such as screen resolution, and technologies, like DLSS versus AMD’s FSR. One undoubtedly strong advantage on AMD’s side is the larger memory cache, which could help to improve performance at 4K and beyond. But, Nvidia’s 4070 is incredibly power efficient, meaning that it could be cheaper to use in the long run.

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Regardless, the RTX 4070 still remains one of the best graphics cards out there right now. Given that AMD’s graphics card undercuts Team Green significantly, certain AIB manufacturers have taken things into their own hands, and have begun to discount the graphics card between retailers, as spotted by Videocardz.

Has the RTX 4070 had an unofficial price drop?

RTX 4070 founders edition on white backgroundDexerto

Right now, only two AIBs have been spotted discounting their RTX 4070 graphics cards. Other brands have not discounted the 4070 to a lower price, and Nvidia’s own Founders Edition cards have not received the same treatment.

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It remains to be seen whether or not other brands will follow suit, but this is great news for those who are Team Green-loyal, and didn’t want to pick up AMD’s own option at this price point.

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