Next-gen Xbox plans leak & it might be radically different

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Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox plans have been leaked, and the console is slated to use cutting-edge tech in addition to “cloud hybrid” features. The console is slated for release in 2028.

Microsoft’s torrent of leaks continues as an unredacted PDF attachment inside of a document has revealed plans for a new current-gen console refresh, in addition to the company’s plans for their next-generation console.

The console is clearly still a work in progress, with unconfirmed specifications. However, it is an exciting peek behind the curtain.

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Next-gen Xbox leaked specifications

  • CPU: ARM64 or AMD Zen 6 x86 (Chiplet-style design)
  • GPU: Custom AMD GPU or AMD Navi 5
  • NPU: Machine learning silicon
  • Features: Next-gen DirectX Ray Tracing, Dynamic Global Illumination, ML Super Resolution, Micropolygon Rendering Optimization, Extensibility Model for Faster Iteration and Innovation

Microsoft’s next console will feature either an ARM CPU, or an advanced AMD Zen 6 CPU with a chiplet-style design. The GPU will also be either a custom solution developed by Microsoft and AMD or licensing the Navi 5 name. It’s likely that Microsoft would use an off-the-shelf Navi 5 GPU if the company chooses to go with ARM over x86.

AMD RX 7800 XT render on black and red backgroundAMD

The decision would radically change the console. But, Microsoft has not quite made its mind up quite yet. However, you should still expect the console to be incredibly powerful due to the cutting-edge GPUs slated to go inside it.

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An additional slide showcases how Microsoft will use tech like FSR for super-resolution and frame interpolation, too. This would further enhance framerates on the upcoming system for even better performance.

AI and the cloud are crucial areas of interest

Blue abstract image of a neural networkStable Diffusion

Microsoft will be adding in a new chop which will allow for machine-learning silicon to be put into the system. This could allow for tasks such as physics simulation and even dialogue generation in games, in addition to procedural content generation, too.

Interestingly, Microsoft calls this a “hybrid” console, which makes use of the cloud to “deliver deeper immersion and entirely new classes of game experiences”. The company hopes that these features will allow the console to go “beyond the capabilities of the client hardware alone”.

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Next-gen Xbox release year leak

The next-gen Xbox is targeted for launch in 2028. Preliminary decisions such as the decision between ARM and X86 are due to be made this year, with the following years focusing on SOC design and more. We can also see that game development for the new console is set to start at the tail end of 2023, with those titles being ported to the new system in the following years.

The company hopes to have the first development kits in mid-2026, so until then its developers will have to target current-gen first, ahead of moving to the new console.

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It’s clear that the next-gen Xbox is still a work in progress, but if the current leaks are anything to go by, it will be an incredibly exciting console once gamers get their hands on it.

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