Modder recreates the ultimate retro gaming CRT with tiny monitor

Rebecca Hills-Duty

The Sony Trinitron PVM monitor is one of the most desirable collectibles for retro gaming fans, and now a modder has made an adorable tiny version of it.

When it comes to retro gaming, an increasing number of vintage hardware fans are recommending CRT TVs and monitors for an authentic experience.

Sony’s Trinitron series of displays are widely seen as some of the most desirable thanks to their quality and durability, with the Sony Trinitron PVM-14M2U being the most coveted of all. Thanks to a mod project by maker JC Ayala, these sought-after TVs will soon be available in a miniature form, initially spotted by Retrododo.

Design artist JC Ayala runs a website called Retroldtech, and the Micro PVM Monitor is their latest project.

The Micro PVM Monitor is a painstaking recreation of the classic Sony PVM Colour monitors, with the outer casing presented in an attractive ‘GameCube purple’ shade. JC Ayala handcrafts all their vintage-themed projects, taking advantage of modern 3D printing technology.

Of course, it isn’t a tiny CRT. Instead, it uses a 3.5” LCD screen with a resolution of 640×480. For inputs, it can use VGA, HDMI, and other unspecified A/V inputs, which might refer to composite connections. It will also have dual speakers for stereo sound.

According to a post on Instagram, the purple version of the Micro PVM Monitor will be available for pre-orders on the Retroldtech website sometime in April 2024. It is not clear what the price point of these tiny monitors will be, or what countries and regions they will be available in.

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