Modder adds Raspberry Pi to CRT TV for pixel-perfect retro gaming

Rebecca Hills-Duty
Nokia TV with integrated Raspberry Pi

One modder has created the ultimate integrated retro gaming device by combining an old CRT TV with a Raspberry Pi.

For years, the Cathode Ray Tube or CRT television was considered obsolete. It has been superseded by flat-screen TVs which boasted higher resolutions and could be mounted to the wall. Lately, CRTs have grown in popularity again, particularly amongst retro gaming fans.

Some of the quirks of how a CRT displays the picture make sprite-based graphics look much better. As a result, some fans and modders are using the CRT TVs that previously would be thrown in the trash for interesting new projects.

Over on Reddit, user Vvlinnzz decided that creating an integrated CRT for retro gaming would make for a good weekend project. As such, Vvlinnzz first found a small 80s TV to serve as a basis. The TV was a Nokia ‘Yellow Fellow’ CRT, which can be immediately recognized thanks to the bright yellow shell.

Nokia TV with integrated Raspberry Pi

Even back in the 80s, the Nokia Yellow Fellow TV stood out amidst the black and silver TVs of the era. With the modifications introduced by Vvlinnzz, it has even more chance to shine.

Vvlinnzz chose a Raspberry Pi as the device to run the retro games. Ever since it was first launched, the Raspberry Pi has been popular with retro enthusiasts, as it functions extremely well as an emulation machine.

Many homebrewed software projects such as RetroPi or Recalbox let users emulate a wide range of vintage consoles. The Raspberry Pi 3 was installed into the body of the CRT to create an integrated gaming machine.

The Nokia TV was further modified to accommodate USB ports, an internal RGB SCART connection and a dedicated power switch. The result is a striking machine that can play a huge variety of games and consoles: The perfect setup for retro gaming with a modern twist.

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