Logitech G735 gaming headset review: Flashy, but expensive

Sayem Ahmed
Logitech G735 on a desk next to a fancy keyboard

Logitech is no stranger to making gaming headsets, but the G735 is something markedly different, as the company looks to position this headset to an underserved market in the gaming peripheral industry.

Much like the G705 and G715 that we looked at previously, the Logitech G735 is a gaming headset that’s geared towards female-identifying gamers, offering up the ‘Aurora’ line of peripherals that stand out from the usual crop of gaming peripherals and accessories.

As such, the G735 was designed with a female-specific audience in mind, and that carries through to the design language, colors, and even the size of the headset itself.

Key specs

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB-A dongle (2.4Ghz wireless) 
  • Driver diameter: 40mm
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20 kHz
  • Weight: 260g
  • Compatibility: PC, Mac, Bluetooth devices
  • Features: Detachable cardioid microphone, Logitech LIGHTSPEED, analog input
  • Price: $229.99/ £189.99 
  • Where to buy: Logitech

Included in the box: Logitech G735 gaming headset, USB-C charging cable, USB-A LIGHTSPEED dongle.


The Logitech G735 is striking. Not only because it’s not in a standard, dark “gamer-y” colorway, but of how small it looks. This is exactly what Logitech was going for, and is intentionally kept small and light to use during long periods of time. Built using a combination of white faux leather in addition to smooth, high-quality matte white plastic, it’s difficult to not immediately fall in love with this headset.

This is compounded by small, lilac button controls. The left earcup has a volume control rocker, a mic mute button, in addition to a 3.5mm audio jack in addition to a USB-C port for charging. The left earcup allows you to switch between wireless modes, and switch sources on the fly.

It looks fantastic, with the headphone extensions encased in metal to get your perfect fit. These are very stiff and do take some pulling at to extend properly. There’s also inlaid RGB on the earcups which pulse with a pastel blue and pink that look great while in use at home.

There’s very little to complain about, though we did wish that the padding was slightly more plush on the top band of the headphones. Despite its lightweight look, it ends up feeling very sturdy, and likely to last the test of time.

We passed the headset to our partner, and it fit on her head perfectly, remarking that no other gaming headset that she had tried on before fit quite as well as the G735 does. They’ve seemingly nailed their target market.

The only snag that we hit was when we wanted to go out with the headset on, with the mic detached- it’s a more lifestyle-focused headset, after all. Unfortunately, Logitech’s G-Hub software is needlessly complex and obscure, and it took a while to find out how to turn all of the headset’s lights off, additionally, no built-in mic at this price range is disappointing to see, and your only option is to attach the cardioid mic.

Sound quality

The G735's right earcup

The Logitech G735 sounds fairly even, with a relatively narrow, but even soundscape that makes it great for a multitude of use-cases. We plugged the receiver into our PC and got straight into a game of Final Fantasy XIV, where everything was nice and clear, with no booming bass looming over us, drowning out the rest of the soundstage.

You can use this headset with Dolby Atmos and Windows Spatial sound, too. We also had no issues pairing the headset up with our mobile device, and mixing several audio sources at once. You probably don’t want to play games over the Bluetooth mode, but it manages to play sound and audio very well, with no issues whatsoever.

It’s not going to break any records or sound as good as headsets like the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, but it manages to do the job better than most other gaming headsets that you can buy today.

Switching modes can feel a bit awkward, with the headphones pulsing between connectivity. They do take a moment to catch up. But, once they do, you are all set to wear them on your head all day. The Logitech G735 sits firmly in a mid-range point in the market, it’s not the greatest sound that we’ve ever heard, but it’s certainly better than serviceable if you know what you are looking for.

Microphone quality

G735 with mic attached

We were impressed by the mic quality of the detachable cardioid on the G735, we didn’t sound like we were speaking through a condenser, but it certainly wasn’t tinny, as we were told by our teammates on Discord, who heard us loud and clear when we were shouting to be revived in Apex Legends.

Like the sound quality, it’s distinctly above average-sounding but is again nothing too mindblowing. It’s slightly disappointing that there is not a built-in microphone if you wanted to use this as more of a lifestyle-focused headset to take calls on the go, and it feels like a missed opportunity.

Is the Logitech G735 good for gaming?

While plugged into your PC or Mac, you gain access to Logitech LIGHTSPEED, ensuring a lag-free experience, no matter what game you might be playing. We found it to be just fine. However, the earcups can get a little bit sweaty after use, especially after multiple unsuccessful rounds in Halo: Infinite.

Plugging in the headset via 3.5mm is also an option if you run out of battery, which did happen on multiple occasions when we were testing the headset, as it’s only rated for a 16-hour life while using LIGHTSPEED. It feels like Logitech could have done a little bit more to improve the battery life of this headset.

They claim that The G735 lasts for 56 hours with no RGB on and while not using Lightspeed, but getting there is a huge hassle, and the majority of users won’t tinker with it that much.

Should you buy it?

Coming in at a relatively steep $229, we were expecting a little bit more from the Logitech G735 on a technical level. Most of the headset was indeed distinctly above average. However, Logitech’s G-Hub software in addition to lackluster battery life at this price is quite disappointing.


The Logitech G735 is available now.

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