Logitech G715 gaming keyboard review: Form over function

G715 keyboard with wrist padDexerto

The Logitech G715 gaming keyboard is the highest-end keyboard in Logitech’s brand-new “Aurora” collection of peripherals and promises to offer accessible keyboard customization.

Logitech’s Aurora line of peripherals seeks to serve the audience of people who are not into the aggressive, black designs of many other gaming-focused boards.

The Aurora line is geared towards female-identifying gamers, according to Logitech after attending a press briefing. Logitech wanted to create a more open and inviting line of boards that appeals to a broader segment than is currently being served in the market, and from the looks of things, the G715 certainly sticks out.

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Key specs

  • Switch type: Logitech GX Brown (Tactile), Blue (Clicky), or Red (Linear)
  • Keycaps: Doubleshot PBT
  • Connectivity: Logitech LIGHTSPEED
  • Form factor: Tenkeyless
  • Features: Removable faceplate, volume rocker, RGB, media keys
  • Lighting: Logitech Lightsync RGB
  • Release date: August 2022
  • Price: $199 / £169
  • Where to buy: Logitech

Included in the box: Logitech G715 gaming keyboard, USB-C to USB-A cable, wrist rest


G715 keys and keycapsDexerto

We’re a little bit in love with the way that the Logitech G715 gaming keyboard looks. With a matte white look out of the box, along with lovely rounded-off edges, and diffused RGB underneath the board.

The smooth matte-white plastic on the top plate is latched on by magnets, and Logitech even offers two additional colors, ‘Green Flash’ and ‘Pink Dawn’ respectively.

When it comes to the keycaps, Logitech has pulled another blinder, by offering a white set of Doubleshot PBT keycaps out of the box, in addition to two optional extras sold separately in the two additional colors we mentioned before.

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It’s great to see that more keyboard manufacturers are opting for higher-quality keycaps, as it proves you with more longevity, and it also ensures that they’re going to be longer-lasting than cheaper ABS keycaps.

One thing that so many gaming keyboard manufacturers like to do is to use some sort of edgy-looking legend on the keycaps, which almost all universally look awful. The Logitech G715 foregoes this for a clear, blocky font that looks fantastic no matter where you are.

One slight criticism that we have of the board is that the RGB underglow of the keyboard is incredibly difficult to see, even in the dark.

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This is a shame, because the pastel colors that the G715 offers look fantastic, with vibrant and welcoming tones that are just so much better than the default RGB rainbow. Though, you can switch over to that, if you want.

Also included with the keyboard is a cloud-shaped wrist rest, which looks great, and works well, too. It’s a nice little touch on the rounded design of the keyboard itself.

Setup and features

You can choose to hook up the G715 via USB-C, Bluetooth, or using the included USB dongle. We, unfortunately, did not manage to get this board to connect to multiple devices and switch between them on the fly, which is disappointing. So, content creators looking for an all-in-one board should look elsewhere.

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Additionally, when you turn the device on, you will be greeted with a custom RGB boot sequence, which is a nice little touch. Aside from that, there’s a standard suite of media controls, a pairing function, and RGB control in addition so a few extra bells and whistles via G-HUB.

It’s a very no-frills experience, but coming in at a whopping $200, we really expected a little bit more from this keybaord.

The swappable colors on the faceplate is nice, and getting matching keycaps for them is also a nice additional touch. However, the board does not feature any hot-swapping capability.

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We quizzed Logitech on this puzzling decision, who claims that it wasn’t something that their target audience would have used.

So we say this to the target audience, yes, you reading the review. Ask for howswappable switches! There’s a whole world of keyboard customization that can open up to you, where you won’t simply be limited to a couple of different colors on the top of the board.

Typing experience

G715 bottom viewDexerto
The RGB panel at the bottom is barely noticeable.

While this board has killer aesthetics, the typing experience that we had on the unit was less than stellar. Our review board is soldered with Logitech GX Brown tactile switches, which is actually our preferred switch type.

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Unfortunately, this board gets extremely loud. There’s no audible sound dampening on the board, meaning that you get the full force of all your clocks and clacks. When measured using a sound level meter app, we recorded that the keyboard can get up to around 74db while in use.

For reference, our other keyboards never really broke 65db, even if we really hammered on all of the keys. The main offenders seem to be any key that uses a stalibilizer.

In practice, this doesn’t affect the otherwise good typing experience that we had, and the Logitech GX Browns are adequate when it comes to scratchiness and how they feel overall. It’s plainly average, there’s nothing to really sing about.

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The additional plush cloud cushion looks great and feels good while in use, it’s a lovely addition to the entire package.

Is it good for gaming?

We went through our usual testing for the board while using it wirelessly. Logitech Lightspeed is one of the most reliable wireless modes out there, and we experienced no issues while playing titles like Warzone, or Halo: Infinite.

The additional gaming mode button that is standard on all Logitech boards is handy if you are ever in a tournament scenario, and we can’t say that we hated the tenkeyless form-factor, which ditches the numpad that sees much less use than the rest of the board.

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Should you buy it?

For $200, the Logitech G715 wireless gaming keyboard offers a unique aesthetic, a handful of additional customization options, and excellent wireless connectivity.

For most people, it’s going to be absolutely fine. The extra paid additions are going to run you up a couple of extra bucks, so we’d say to steer clear of them. The price is a little steep for what’s on offer here, but no other keyboard looks quite as nice.

We wish there was multi-device-switching, in addition to a hot-swappable PCB for further customization. But otherwise, the board works well and has excellent RGB functions, if that’s what really matters to you.

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The G715 is just too expensive to justify to most people, whereas you can find more feature-packed boards from smaller manufacturers at the same price point. Alternatively, you could choose a board from our list of the best gaming keyboards. But, if you are locked into Logitech’s ecosystem, this is a great option for those who want something a little bit different.

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