LG 75-inch 4K QNED TV gets massive $200 discount on Best Buy with extra freebies

Jitendra Soni

Want to add a sizable 75-inch TV to your home theatre setup? This 80-series LG QNED TV is discounted by $200 at Best Buy.

LG’s flagship smart TVs, including the OLED, QLED, and QNED TVs, are known for their impressive image quality, color reproduction, and premium build quality.

This is probably why LG’s large-screened smart TVs are the preferred choice when upgrading the home theatre setup. The 75-inch Class 80 4K QNED TV from LG, which normally sells for $1300, is now discounted at Best Buy.

This limited-time deal offers a discount of $200, bringing down the effective price to $1,099 for a limited time. Additionally, Best Buy is offering a three-month subscription to Apple TV+ and a 30-day subscription to Fubo TV.

Premium, bright, and huge

The LG QNED TVs are LCD-based, combined with various bleeding-edge display technologies like quantum dot and NanoCell technologies, and have Mini LED for backlighting.

It has LG’s a7 Gen 6 AI processor at its core, which upscales even your regular content to 4K to offer a rich and immersive viewing experience. This LG panel delivers vibrant colors, rich contrast, and sharp pictures to elevate every scene you watch.

Besides this, it has virtual 5.1 surround audio and Dolby Atmos for an immersive audio experience. This QNED TV is also ideal for gamers looking to hook their favorite gaming consoles or gaming PCs with the TV to enjoy gaming on a large screen. It supports FreeSync, VRR, and GeForce NOW for cloud gaming. Coupled with the LG Game Optimizer and Game Dashboard, this TV keeps you hooked on your favorite games,

It comes with just two HDMI 2.1 ports for connectivity, which is a bummer. This limitation might force you to add an external hub if you have many devices, including your PC, gaming consoles, and sound bar.

Like most other LG TVs, it also comes with the webOS 23 operating system, which is out of the box and supports almost all your favorite streaming platforms.

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