Is Enshrouded on Steam Deck?

Rosalie Newcombe
The key-art from Enshrouded on the screen of the Steam Deck OLED.

With Enshrouded finally out in Early Access, many may be wondering if it’s possible to play the new survival action RPG on the Steam Deck. So, here’s what we know.

Crafting games and the Steam Deck go hand-in-hand, and Enshrouded is no exception. Developed by
Keen Games GmbH, this latest crafting RPG sees your player character tasked to survive the unforgiving terrain of the ruined remnants of the lost kingdom of Embervale.

With a huge array of legendary weapons to craft, grand structures to build, and a plethora of forests, caves, and dungeons to explore — there’s plenty to do in this new open-world RPG. Whether you want to play solo or with all your friends, Enhrouded could be the perfect game to play on the go.

With that in mind, here’s everything we know about whether or not Enshrouded is available on Steam Deck.

Player with a pickaxe in Enshrouded

Is Enshrouded on Steam Deck?

Enshrouded is playable on the Steam Deck, however, the game is officially ‘unverified’ according to Steam.

Valve’s verification process for the Steam Deck is a great tool for discovering what games from your Steam library perform the best on your Valve handheld, but it’s not always entirely accurate. There’s a myriad of games listed as “unsupported” by Valve, that run incredibly well on the device, and Enshrouded is yet another one of those games to add to the list.

The surviving, crafting action RPG currently sits on Steam as ‘unsupported’ yet the game is playable on the Steam Deck since being available in early access. As long as you run Proton 8, the game will run on the device, including with full gamepad support and running on pre-set custom graphical settings right out of the box.

According to YouTuber GamingOnLinux, while the game performs well in the opening section, the performance struggles once you move onto the main open-world area. With the default settings, Enshrouded struggled to hit even 30FPS on the Steam Deck. Liam of GamingOnLinux recommends switching the in-game settings to ‘max performance’ for a more optimized performance on the Valve handheld.

The Enshrouded system requirements demand a hefty 60GB of storage space before you can ignite the ancient power of the Flame. That’s not a huge amount by today’s standards. Yet, if you’ve still got the 64GB Steam Deck model, you may struggle to free up space.

Picking up one of the best microSD cards for Steam Deck will ensure you have plenty of room to install the game, and all the Steam Deck games your heart desires.

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