Where to buy the iPad Air 6: Price, specs & more

Anurag Singh
iPad Air 6

The iPad Air 6 is now official with a new chipset and screen size. Here’s where you can buy the iPad and how much it costs.

iPads haven’t received much love from Apple lately. There wasn’t a single new iPad launch last year, but that’s not the case in 2024. Apple announced several new iPads during its Let Loose event on May 7, and that includes new iPad Air 6. The iPad Air 6 debuts with a new M series chipset and also brings a larger screen size with a more efficient display. You’ll also see changes in the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies

iPad Air 6: Price

The new iPad Air 6 comes with a starting price of $599 for the 11-inch model and $799 for the 13-inch model. For reference, the 2022 iPad Air starts at $599.

Where to buy iPad Air 6

The all-new iPad Air 6 with the M2 chip is up for grabs starting May 7th, on Apple’s website. You can order them now and get it by May 15. If you prefer to shop in person, you can snag one at Apple store or find it at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy starting May 15th.

iPad Air 6: Specs & features

iPad Air 6

The iPad Pro models are offered either with a 10.9-inch or 12.9-inch screen. And Apple has given the same treatment to the iPad Air. While the iPad Air M1 is offered in a single 10.9-inch screen size, the iPad Air 6 will also be available in a new 12.9-inch screen size.

Apple packs the iPad Air 6 with an M2 chipset while the existing model features the M1 chip. There’s a solid performance difference between M1 and M2 chips. The M2 CPU is 18% faster than the M1, the GPU is 35% faster, and the neural engine is 40% faster.

On the front, the new iPad Air features a design like the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro M2, but with thicker borders around the display. The new iPad Air puts the front-facing camera on the landscape edge, like the iPad 10. This should make the tablet more usable while video calling with Magic Keyboard plugged in.

Apple is reserving OLED displays for the iPad Pros. Both iPad Air models stick LCD panels. Apple has also equipped the iPad Airs with newer Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 technology.

Should you buy the iPad Air 6?

Getting the new iPad Air 6 is a good idea, considering you get a faster chip and a larger size option. Plus, the iPad sports the same price tag to its predecessor. Opting for the newer model means you’ll enjoy software updates for a longer period and access to the latest hardware features.

But if you spot a heavily discounted iPad Air 5, it’s worth grabbing. The current Air model packs decent specs for most users.

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