Intel showcases Arc A750 GPU in brand-new benchmarks

Joel Loynds
Intel Arc A750

In an eight-minute video, Intel shows off the power of their new Intel Arc A750 GPU, with 48 different gaming benchmarks.

Intel Arc is the company’s first real foray into dedicated graphics cards, after years of offering integrated GPUs on their processors and laptop chips. However, last month, it came out that the first wave of Arc GPUs is not going to be as powerful as previously hyped up, and further concerns that other versions – namely the Alchemist models – weren’t up to scratch with early reviews.

The Arc A750 appears to be coming soon and in anticipation of it, Intel has released a video covering the performance on DX12 and Vulkan.

‘When people think about performance they think about gaming,’ Tom Peterson said, with the video immediately diving into some gameplay.

Using Dirt 5, they demonstrated that the game was running on high-quality settings, at 1440p. The systems being used had i9-12900K and 32GB of DDR5 RAM.

Utilizing the benchmark included with the game, they were able to achieve 83.5 frames per second on average, with a minimum of 67.1 and a high of 95.8.

The Intel A750 will be Intel’s direct competitor with the RTX 3060, which launched in 2021, as a value card that many had their eyes on.

Intel Benchmarks

Intel then showcased a number of benchmarks between the 3060 and A750, which at 1080p Ultra settings across 48 games, managed to beat out the older card in 23 games, with Nvidia’s RTX 3060 still managing to beat it out in 25 other titles.

Intel’s launch issues with actually getting the GPUs out the door and into consumers’ hands also call into question the relevancy of the Arc series this late into a generation cycle for Nvidia and AMD.

There’s no date set for the Intel Arc A750 GPU, which is still expected to launch this year. The leaked price from a slideshow showed it could be priced between $299 to $399.

However, with Nvidia’s flood of stock of the 30-series and their next generation 4060 not expected to launch until CES 2023, it could mean the low costed Intel Arc GPUs still have a fighting chance in the market for budget builds – despite Nvidia’s 3060 providing similar performance for an MSRP of $329.

With stock increasing, we could see the effects of the cryptocurrency plague disapparate and provide 3060s at the price they were intended to be.

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