How to install Decky on Steam Deck: Customization, tools & more


The Decky plugin is exceptionally powerful, bringing some much-needed customization to SteamOS’ gaming mode.

Decky is an exceptional tool, one that can not only help you update non-Steam games’ images in the library, but is slowly being built out into a hub of customization.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself installing Silent Hill 2’s Enhanced Edition before the launch of the remake, only to find it has no art when installed to the Steam Deck.

Installing Decky is especially easy. While you can go through their Github page and download the .desktop file, we found it easier to just copy and paste a line of terminal code.

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For the tinkerers and those who enjoy breaking things that shouldn’t be broken, you’ll find this to be a dream tool. Either way, Decky is your prime candidate for the next job on the Steam Deck.

It’s not especially complex but can begin to unlock a tonne of tools that will make managing your library, and the machine itself, incredibly easy.

Decky is a plugin for the Steam Deck that has its own ‘store’, which you can choose what tools to install to the interface of the Deck’s gaming mode. By hitting the three-dot button, you can start to alter the look, or control a Bluetooth device and even show the battery percentage on your controller.

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The default store has a limited, but growing assortment of options right now. If you find a plugin you like and it’s not there, you can also tell the Decky plugin to change where it’s pulling data from.

How to install Decky

First, head into Desktop Mode by pressing Steam and then heading to Power, and choosing Desktop mode.

If you’re not using a hub, or have any Bluetooth or wireless devices set up to interact with the Steam Deck, you can access the keyboard via Steam+X.

Copy this:

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It will ask for a password. If you haven’t set an administrator password yet, you can follow these instructions.

Once you’ve seen the terminal stop downloading and installing Decky, you can move back to the gaming mode to finish updating, and configuring it.

By pressing the triple-dot button, you’ll bring up the sidebar, and at the bottom, a new plugin icon will have appeared. From here you access Decky to add different applications.

Plugin recommendations

From the outset, you’ll be given access to a CSS changer, which will alter your color schemes. There’s also System Toolbox, so you can turn SSH on and off to transfer screenshots, games, and more to and from the Deck.

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Our favorite is SteamGridDB, a database of images that you can apply to games to give them a custom look in the library. This is built into the SteamRom Manager. Sometimes you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for. This will let you change it over, or if you have a game from GOG, Epic, Amazon, or elsewhere, you’ll be able to apply an image to it.

Outside of this, you’ll be able to change the URL that Decky grabs plugins from. To do this, enter Decky and then press the settings icon. In Store Channel, you’ll get an option for custom, or Testing. This will let you use plugins that haven’t yet been verified as completely working on the Steam Deck.

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Underneath this, there’s a URL box as well, so you can just grab the plugin you want without altering the store entirely.

You should explore to find more plugins that may be useful for you, so now you’re all set to get tinkering.