How to get new Steam Deck startup movies

steam deck boot up animations

Valve has begun to include fresh Steam Deck startup movies in its points store. Here’s how to get those and add your own.

The Steam Deck has been a modders paradise since its launch last year. Now, coming up on a year on and with a 10% discount in place, Valve has finally added startup movies to the points store.

They cost around 3000 points each and feature Portal turrets or a video of someone making the logo by hand.

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Where to download new startup movies from the Steam Points store

The Steam Deck’s points store is usually easier to find the hard way, than trying to navigate it by the store’s browser. Especially since the store has had a makeover for the Spring Sale.

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  • Head into Settings
  • Scroll down to either Keyboard or Customization
  • Within these menus, there’s a “Visit the Points Shop” button
  • Press the button and you’ll be presented with the Points Shop
  • The featured list should all be start-up movies at the moment

Once you’ve spent the points, you’ll be able to select them in the customization menu in Settings.

How to get custom boot animations onto the Steam Deck

As we saw a few months ago, Valve lifted the restrictions on how long and big these boot animations for the Steam Deck are. We saw an upper limit as someone provided the entirety of Shrek onto the device’s boot time. This forced Valve to let you press B during the boot to skip this animation.

Putting your own boot animations on the Steam Deck is really easy and just requires you to

First, go into Desktop mode. You can do this by going to Power > Desktop mode. Once there, you’ll need to open the file browser (Dolphin) and in the top right-hand corner, choose the menu button. This should let you tick “Show hidden folders”.

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Now, head to the following folder via this path:


In this folder make a folder called uioverrides and another inside the new folder you just made called movies.

After this, you can start putting boot animations inside. The latest update also lets you choose custom animations in the Customization menu now too. This should let you select and randomize it with the official Valve ones.

What file type do Steam Deck startup videos have to be?

To get the Steam Deck to recognize your startup videos, they need to be in the .webm file format.