Facebook wants to use your posts and data to train its AI Tools – Here’s how you can opt-out

Jitendra Soni
Facebook on Phone

Meta is using user data to train its AI models. While it is possible to opt out of the data collection program, it’s not an easy process – here’s how you can do it.

Like any AI program, Meta’s AI tools also need vast data to be trained upon. The company is sharing Facebook user data with third parties to make its generative AI tools more efficient and powerful.

Some users in the EU and UK have received alerts from the social media platform stating that it will use “personal information from third parties to develop and improve AI at Meta.”

This has concerned some users who do not want their personal information or shared posts to be used to train the AI system at Meta. An artist explained they might want to “start selling prints in the future, so I’m trying to keep the rights to my images close to my chest.”

While the company has added an option to let users opt out of its data harvesting plans, the process is pretty complicated.

Opting out in the UK / EU

If you’re in the UK / EU region and have received this alert on Facebook that says, “We’re planning new AI features for you. Learn how we use your information”, you can follow the below process to opt-out.

  1. Tap on the notification to proceed.
  2. On the Policy Updates page, do not click on Proceed. Instead, search for “right to object” and click on the link.
  3. Fill out the form with your details and explain how Meta’s data collection process impacts you.
  4. Click on submit. Meta will send an OTP to your registered email address. Remember to keep the Facebook page open while locating the OTP in your mailbox.
  5. Enter the OTP on the Facebook page and click submit.
  6. You’ll get an email from Meta confirming the receipt of the request.
  7. Upon review, If Meta deems your request reasonable, it will scrap your data and share a confirmation email.

Opting out in the US

Users in the US and other regions may need to prove that the AI in Meta’s models has processed their information. They’ll be required to share examples of prompts that resulted in personal information appearing in a response from an AI at Meta model. 

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Here’s how users from the US and other countries can stop Meta from harvesting your data to train its AI tools.

  1. Open the service requests form.
  2. Choose the first option if you want to verify and make corrections to the data that Meta has
  3. The second option is for users who want to delete any third-party data that Facebook has received to improve and build its AI model.
  4. Choose the third option if you are concerned about your personal information from third parties regarding the Meta model, feature, or experience.
  5. Select your country of residence from the list. Enter your first and last name and email address.
  6. Next, you need to enter the prompts that resulted in your personal information appearing in a response from an AI at Meta model, feature, or experience.
  7. Upload a screenshot of the result of the processed query.
  8. Click send once done.

Remember that submitting the form doesn’t guarantee that your data will be scrapped in both cases. Meta will manually review each request and decide what action must be taken. Moreover, deletion of data may only mean that the existing data has been deleted, Facebook may continue to harvest your information.

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