DualSense Edge has a 33% smaller battery than a normal PS5 controller

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Sony’s DualSense Edge controller might boast a host of extra features, but it has been revealed that it only has two-thirds the battery capacity of the original PS5 controller.

The Dualsense Edge is Sony’s first attempt at a “Pro” controller, which left us slightly disappointed, as per our review. One of the most notable aspects of the DualSense Edge’s failings was its poor battery life. Sadly, as we were not permitted to take our review unit apart, we couldn’t check out and find exactly what surprises Sony had in store for us internally for this new PlayStation 5 controller.

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Thankfully, Budd’s Controllers tore the DualSense Edge down on a recent Twitch stream, which reveals some pretty bad news for those that have already pre-ordered Sony’s brand-new controller.

DualSense Edge battery specifications

The DualSense Edge has a battery capacity of just 1050 mAh. This is 33% smaller than the normal DualSense’s 1560 mAh. This explains the meager six-hour battery life that we attained during our testing.

From the image supplied via Budd’s controllers, you can see that Sony might have had a tough time physically fitting in a larger battery in the controller. When paired with other high-end features, it makes for a cramped internal layout. However, having a battery life of just six hours for a $200 controller feels a little bit questionable to us.

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Ironically, since it appears that the module blocking the placement of a bigger battery is the removable sticks, Sony could have shelled out for hall-sensing ones. Since it uses a magnet, it would never have to be replaced. Then, they could have used the extra space saved for a bigger battery.

While we already knew the DualSense Edge’s battery was going to be worse than the original controller, we did not anticipate it would be by such a significant margin. Luckily, Sony also provides a 2.8-meter-long charging cable in the box. We suspect that users of the device will be making use of it quite a lot.

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For those looking for an alternative to the DualSense Edge, the Victrix Pro BFG is another great commercial controller that has more features, is slightly cheaper, and has significantly more battery life than Sony’s offering.

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