Dell’s Concept Luna laptop looks a lot like the Framework

Dell Concept Luna disassembledDell

Dell’s Concept Luna laptops were revealed last year and its newly revised variant is a sustainable version of the PC giant’s usual systems. However, they also appear to be taking a lot of notes from one plucky startup.

PC giant Dell revealed its Concept Luna laptops last year. It offers a modular design, where you are able to switch up the parts yourself. Dell never officially released the product. Now, a year later, the Dell Concept Luna laptop has returned. This time, the device has a few revisions. There’s no more glue, fewer screws, cables, and a switch to active cooling. This appears to be a notebook, rather than a gaming laptop.

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Dell claims that the Concept Luna laptop can be disassembled in around 30 seconds by a technician familiar with the process, potentially cutting down on the disassembly of a laptop for enterprise users a lot. Dell claims that this is in order to cut down on any wastage of parts. Combined with Dell’s vast resources, it could cut down on waste within the company significantly.

Concept Luna looks like a Framework


However, Concept Luna is certainly no original idea. We recently took a look at the Framework laptop, which we praised for its repairability and modular design, and even recommended it as a MacBook alternative. The Framework is indeed an incredibly disruptive laptop and one that threatens the likes of Dell. However, it appears that Dell might be looking to eat Framework’s proverbial lunch.

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With vastly more resources to make this concept a reality, Dell could pretty much take Framework’s entire gimmick and make it their own. The real question is about if Dell will choose to put the infrastructure in place to make it happen, and when they choose to bring Concept Luna to market.

We certainly do not envy Framework’s position here. We would really be hoping that the two come together in collaboration, or Framework gets purchased by Dell. Otherwise, history tells us that a bigger company looking to take the same unique gimmick a startup is using has not ended entirely well.

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