Builder uses Apple Vision Pro for measurements and viewers are split

Dylan Horetski
Apple Vision Pro builder

A tool company has revealed a new way to track measurements while using the Apple Vision Pro, and viewers don’t know how to feel.

Since the release of the Apple Vision Pro headset back in February, there has been a sizable increase in apps coming out that involve general day-to-day tasks.

As the headset allows you to look at apps while still viewing your surroundings, some tool companies have released apps that allow builders to use the Apple Vision Pro on a job site.

One of those apps comes from ReekonTools, who left viewers split after showing off a virtual reality measurement app on TikTok.

Builder uses Apple Vision Pro to track measurements

In the clip, the builder straps on an Apple Vision Pro to demo the ROCK Jobsite app that connects to a digital tape measure.

Whenever the builder measures anything, he can send the result to the app which then shows a history of measurements.

The man then went over to the miter saw to cut wood while looking at the list of measurements thanks to the high quality passthrough on the Apple Vision Pro.

Viewers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts, with many users split on how they feel about wearing the $3500 headset to work.

“Contractor ‘sorry we can’t build ur house my headset died’ this is crazy,” one user replied.

Another said: “Then the video lags and you loose a finger.”

“Curious…this seems like it would take some extra time to do a job with this rather than without this,” a third replied.

A fourth user commented: “Would love to see safety okay this”

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