Asus ROG Ally gets new BIOS with helpful tweaks

Joel Loynds
ASUS ROG Ally front

Asus has launched a new BIOS update for its handheld the ROG Ally, bringing some quality of life updates to the system.

There’s a new BIOS update for the ROG Ally, and it brings some helpful features to the table.

The new BIOS update should be landing in myASUS for users on the latest version. BIOS 323 is more about some tweaks to the overall usability of the device, rather than any huge overhaul.

One of the bigger features being added is the ability to charge the device properly now. Previously, the ROG Ally would charge slower when being connected to a 65W or higher adapter. This now allows for a proper charge at 30W over USB power delivery-enabled hubs and adapters.

Those who play the Asus ROG Ally at night will be thankful to know that the device can have the backlight on the screen turned down to 10 nits, down from 25, which was still fairly bright.

The ROG Ally has also gotten some performance improvements when plugged in, with the BIOS optimizing the device’s performance mode.

For those tinkering with the Memory Assigned to GPU option, they’ll now find it easier to retain their settings between updates.

Asus adds quality of life improvements in new ROG Ally BIOS

Asus ROG Ally being played in a dark room

Asus has been under fire recently surrounding the ROG Ally’s SD card port. The device overheats in that particular section, leading to failures and breaking of microSD cards. This still hasn’t been fixed, with some users suspecting that Asus won’t be able to. This follows a previous BIOS update that hit performance.

Asus has responded to the SD card issue, and quickly fixed the BIOS performance problems too. However, it hasn’t been a good few months on the gaming front for the company, as AMD’s CPUs were burning out on Asus motherboards.