Apple Pencil 2 Cyber Monday deal: Get a brand-new stylus for under $100

Apple Pencil 2 Cyber MondayApple

Looking for a last-minute Cyber Monday deal? You can get the Apple Pencil 2 for under $100 with this Cyber Monday deal, where you can save 31% on this stylus.

Apple Cyber Monday deals are tough to come by, usually, the discounts on their products are not quite as huge as the rest of the shopping event. However, you do encounter the odd gem. This time around, we’ve spotted that you can get 31% off the Apple Pencil 2. It will work on many of the recently-released iPads and can level up your tablet into a full-scale digital drawing surface.

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Is the Apple Pencil 2 worth it?

The Apple Pencil 2 also has magnetic charging, so you won’t have to hook it up to any pesky cables if you have a compatible device. To see 31% slashed off of a relatively recently released Apple product is pretty rare, so we think that you should pick one up, given the opportunity. It’s got almost imperceptible lad while in use and can make note-taking incredibly easy if you’re not an artist type.

The Apple Pencil 2 also has the ability to switch up the tools you’re using without setting it down since its built-in touch surface supports double-tapping. The Apple Pencil 2 is really an excellent accessory for anyone who is looking for a brand-new way to interact with their tablet. It’s just an extra boon for artists who might be looking to make their transition to digital go that much smoother.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see the Apple Pencil 2 come at this price again for some time, so you’ve been warned. Pick it up now, or risk having to wait a whole other year to get a deal as good as this.

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