Starfield players demand overhaul of ‘stupid’ environmental hazard system

A screenshot from the game StarfieldHoYoverse

Starfield is a space game where changes in the environment and the atmosphere affect you. While this can be a positive, its flaws have players feeling that the environmental hazard system is “stupid” and that its due a complete overhaul.

Starfield’s environmental impact is not as severe as it should be. You can get afflicted with status effects, but they go away as soon as you enter your spaceship. However, players feel that the way it is handled in Bethesda’s latest RPG feels far off from reality.

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Disgruntled players feel that it’s “stupid” and that Bethesda lacks an understanding of how the spacesuits and temperatures work. This has made them displeased and now several are asking for a change to Starfield’s environmental hazard system.

Starfield players left dissatisfied with environmental hazard system

The discussion regarding the issues with environmental hazards in Starfield was started by a player named Dr_Taverner. The player posted on Reddit: “Is there some insane, suit-penetrating wind on the atmosphere-free moon that I’m not aware of?”

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OP’s grievance was surrounding the fact that spacesuits provide no protection in Starfield. A player should not get affected by frostbite at -10 degrees Celsius while wearing a spacesuit, but that’s exactly what happens.

This discussion gathered a lot of attention from the community as it eventually grew into the overarching problem, which is the flawed environmental hazard system.

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One player thinking as such commented, “Yeah that one really confused me at first. I’m in a space suit, in a near-vacuum, and I get lung damage? I mean, that’s just plain stupid and world-breaking.”

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Another player chimed in: “The whole environmental damage system needs to be overhauled,” while another claimed, “You get hypothermia and frostbite at -10ºC, but you’re totally fine at -200ºC”.

Lastly, someone else mentioned: “Sarah keeps telling me we will die of heat at 30°C and freeze to death at 20°C, I love her but damn those are some high-temperature standards.”

It seems like many are unhappy with the inconsistencies when it comes to environmental hazards in the game. Starfield is still a young game and will receive updates in the future. However, for the time being, players are forced to deal with this issue which is affecting their experience.

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