The Rock’s daughter receives death threats amid WWE’s #WeWantCody drama

Ethan Dean
The Rock's Daughter Death Threats

Things are getting out of hand as the WWE universe reels from The Rock Vs Roman Wrestlemania push. The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson, known as Ava on television, has revealed she received death threats over the issue.

The WWE is currently facing massive backlash after it was revealed on the February 2, Episode of Smackdown that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson may challenge Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 40.

Despite previously being called a “dream match” by fans, WWE fans think the timing is appalling and diminishes the story currently being told by one of the company’s biggest stars, Cody Rhodes. Lines have been drawn after the birth of the number one trending hashtag #WeWantCody on X causing even part-time WWE Superstar Logan Paul to voice his support for Cody Rhodes.

As the WWE Universe wages war against the company’s decision to seemingly shaft Rhodes in favor of The Rock, people are getting caught in the crossfire. The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson, better known by her stage name Ava, revealed on X that she had received death threats from disgruntled fans.

Ava began her WWE career with a brief in-ring stint across 2022-2023 before being promoted to the on-screen General manager of WWE’s developmental show NXT. The 22-year-old recently took to X to reveal to her followers that she had been receiving threats to her life over the current WWE drama.

“Can ya’ll just leave me out of this, ffs I’m busy running a show,” Ava began the thread. “Death threats over a situation I have nothing to do with … bffr.”

Whether her position as a perceived authority figure in the company is what has made her the target of harassment or simply her relation to The Rock is unclear. Other WWE superstars have rallied in support of Ava with Ricochet calling the fans responsible “toxic”.

People have reported that multiple staff members and performers for WWE have received similar threats including a bomb threat for the Wrestlemania 40 event.

Despite these revelations, the #WeWantCody movement is not losing any steam with chants and boos directed at The Rock heard during the recent NXT Vengence Day event.

There have also been calls for a show of support for Rhodes during the February 5, episode of Monday Night Raw. Hopefully, it sticks to chants and boos rather than escalating to harassment and death threats.