Smash Ultimate player banned after allegedly throwing controller at audience

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A Smash Ultimate player has been banned after a toxic incident on stream where he appeared to throw his controller at a group of people in the audience.

No one likes a sore loser, but Smash Ultimate player ‘ZD’ took his defeat to the extreme when he took out his frustration on an innocent controller following a loss at Smashtag.

During his Grand Finals bracket reset against SquidPlumber, the Fox player was grabbed and thrown off the stage – but before the last stock was even officially taken, ZD stood up in a fit of rage.

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In a flash, the player threw his controller before walking away in disgust. The action infuriated the local scene, which banned him shortly thereafter.

Smash player banned for throwing controller

In a post on Reddit screengrabbing a Reddit announcement, Frame Trap tournaments revealed that ZD would be banned from all events.

“We prioritize player safety and strive to create a comfortable space for everyone involved,” they said. “Instances of physical rage or bullying will not be tolerated at our events.”

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In the comments, users noted how this wasn’t the first time something like this happened, but were happy that action had been taken.

“It’s f**ked that it took him throwing sh*t at people to get banned even temporarily, with all the non-physical abuse he’s given people (especially recently), but at least he’s getting actual repercussions now,” someone said.

On Twitter, ZD was accused of throwing the controller “directly into the audience.”

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This isn’t the first time a Smash player has been banned recently. Earlier this year, Oro was banned from events after he smacked a Mario player in the face.

More extremely, another was banned after police arrested him for murder for allegedly decapitating his mother.

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