Smash player dated a Nintendo rep and received this bizarre item

Michael Gwilliam
Smash 6

A Super Smash Bros player has shocked the internet by revealing that they received a strange piece of the game’s history by dating a Nintendo representative.

There really isn’t another fighting game franchise like Smash. Since its debut in 1999, the platform fighter has captivated audiences by bringing together all sorts of characters who wouldn’t otherwise crossover with each other.

In the years since, Smash has gone on to incorporate non-Nintendo characters such as Solid Snake, Sonic, Bayonetta, Cloud, Sora and Mega Man just to name a few.

Back twenty years ago, when the franchise was in its infancy, there were still some very exclusive items not available to the public. As it turns out, dating a Nintendo rep is a good way to get your hands on such merchandise.

date nintendo rep
Dating a Nintendo rep has some perks.

Smash player gets exclusive item by dating Nintendo rep

In a post on Reddit, a user by the name of ‘PolishTamales’ explained that twenty years ago, they were working at a Toys R Us and would get visits by representatives for Sony and Nintendo.

Part of their jobs was to update kiosks with new game demos, product information and other things for retailers. According to the user, this had some perks, such as receiving free controller replacements.

“I ended up befriending a Nintendo rep and we would go out on random dates based on our erratic college schedules,” the gamer explained. “On one of these dates, she left back a ton of stuff from work at my apartment, which she never bothered to pick up. One of these items was this Smash Bros floor decal.”

Smash Melee floor decal
A Smash player now has a piece of Nintendo history.

In some images, the Redditor showed off their unique Super Smash Bros Melee item, using some Pokemon cards and GameCube boxes for size comparison.

The item itself intrigued fellow Redditors who had never seen this piece of Smash history prior to the post.

“I have never seen this before! What a cool find and backstory. Thanks for sharing,” one replied.

Smash melee floor decal
The decal is quite larger than Pokemon cards.

“I would just get it framed as is considering this may be the last known existing piece of something official from Melee,” encouraged another.

So far, it’s not clear what PolishTamales plans to do with the floor decal, but its existence goes to show that Nintendo reps are worth swiping right on.

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