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Smash caster D1 faces new sexual misconduct allegations after initial apology

Published: 18/Jul/2021 6:55 Updated: 18/Jul/2021 3:57

by Andrew Amos


After trying to clear his name on July 15, new allegations have been filed against Smash caster D’Ron ‘D1’ Maingrette. ‘Seshy’ claims D1 tried to have sex with her while he was drunk at E3 2017, including “forcing his head between [her] legs”.

D1’s initial statement on July 15 referenced four allegations leveled against the caster dating back to July 2020.

Multiple woman claimed Maingrette used his position of power within the community to try and have sex with them. In one instance, with KTDominate, he reportedly “bragged [and] told everyone that we f**ked and that I was ‘disgusting and vomited all over you.’


“I never consented to one thing with you, and you made me out to be some kind of gross teenager,” she stated in a Twitlonger post.

He claimed he spent the last year “engaging in introspection and reflecting on how I can become a better person” while denying “patently false claims being made against [him] following nebulous intimate interactions”.

After the YouTube video went viral though, a new allegation was made public. Community member Seshy claimed in her July 16 Twitlonger D1 tried to have sex with her at E3 2017, despite her repeatedly not consenting.

Seshy had gotten into a relationship and wanted to “tie up loose ends” with D1, who she considered a close friend. However, while driving back to his hotel, D1 “immediately tried to makeout” with her.


“I started to say ‘no I can’t do anything tonight. I wanted to let you know I have a boyfriend now so no more kissing. Please,’” she said.

“His response was “I don’t know him. He doesn’t have to know.” My jaw dropped, I hadn’t ever heard anything that disrespectful [from] him before.”

After getting back to D1’s hotel room, the Smash caster went to the bathroom, came out “completely naked”, and started “forcing his head between [her] legs”.

“That was the moment I realized that I was in a situation that was either him or me.


“He had climbed on top of me and continued kissing and touching. I asked to just cuddle for a while, hoping to maybe to get him to fall asleep. He was drunk and tired and my adrenaline was up, maybe at least I could slip away if we were in a different position.

“He had spooned me and was slowing down, it did not take long for him to fall asleep. I was amazed and thrilled it worked. I left as soon as [I] could and just in time for my Lyft to arrive. All of that lasted about 15 minutes.”


D1 was reportedly “pissed” at Seshy over the encounter at E3, saying she “had selfishly taken him away from ‘other opportunities’ that night. After hearing Seshy’s recount, he “apologized profusely”.

“He seemed to express genuine remorse and horror that he might do something like this again. He apologized, said he was shamed by it and that made it hard to hang out even as friends and it felt like a good apology,” she said.

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YouTube: D1
D1 refuted four previous claims of sexual harassment in a July 15 video.

However, she shared her story after D1’s apology, which Seshy believed was lacklustre. She also believed that if it wasn’t for the actions she took that night, she “would have been raped”.


“Personally I am more disappointed and sad than anything else,” she said.

“I’m mad he’s denying it, I’m mad my hope that he was actually changing for the better alone away from smash has been dashed, I’m mad I didn’t speak out sooner if he wasn’t ever going to change anyways, I’m mad I was wrong that I was the only one.

“In his video he said he understood that consent can be changed at any time, but that was not my experience, he disregarded any objections I had and ignored the concept of consent that night.”

D1 is yet to reply to Seshy’s allegations.