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Minecraft Steve joins Smash Ultimate in incredible fan-made trailer

Published: 28/Mar/2020 16:32

by Michael Gwilliam


Super Smash Bros Ultimate players have become accustomed to seeing third party characters announced as DLC, so for anyone disappointed with the last couple of characters, a YouTuber decided to show how Minecraft Steve would look in the game.

The fan-made trailer uploaded and designed by FlashyPig begins with series creator Masahiro Sakurai speaking in Japanese while being “translated” by an English voiceover.

After a brief introduction setting the stage, the reveal portion begins with Kirby coming face-to-face with Steve who hammers himself out of a wall.

Steve looks pretty cool as a Smash fighter.

A flashy reveal screen then pops up officially “announcing” Steve as the next character. From there, the fighter’s moveset is shown off, all animated quite well.

From a fighter standpoint, the design would work quite well with Steve having multiple weapons from swords and hammers to shields and blocks.

FlashyPig even included a funny sleep animation with a bed and everything if Steve ever falls victim to Hero’s snooze attack or Jigglypuff’s sleep.

The animator even went out of their way to include different costume designs – a motif found in official Smash Ultimate teasers.

In the end of the video, we see Steve’s Final Smash ability when he summons the Ender Dragon, rides on it, and breathes fire down on enemies below.

“This is a character I’ve been wanting to add to the game for quite a while now,” FlashyPig wrote in the video description. “So to celebrate the idea of Steve getting added, I created a cinematic and gameplay trailer of how I think Steve would be added!”

The fan-made trailer included a bunch of alternate costumes.

Smash Ultimate still has five DLC fighters yet to be announced. All we know so far is that an ARMS character will be added sometime in June, but their identity is unknown as of this posting.

Will Steve be one of the final five and would he even work in Smash? If FlashyPig’s video is an indication, he very well could.


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake comes to life in Minecraft

Published: 26/Jan/2021 11:37

by James Busby


Pokemon fans have wanted a Diamond and Pearl remake for a while now, but one fan has taken it upon themselves to create the beloved Sinnoh Region in Minecraft. 

While Pokemon trainers around the world continue to battle and trade their favorite critters in Sword & Shield, many players are hungry for their next big adventure. Of course, if leaks are to be believed, then we could be looking at a Diamond & Pearl remake. Rumblings surrounding the 2006 title have been cropping up online since last year, but The Pokemon Company has yet to announce anything. 

So far, the only news we have regarding a new game is that of Pokemon Snap. The silence surrounding the Sinnoh remakes has led to a few fans creating their own Diamond & Pearl remakes. After all, we previously got a glimpse of what the beloved title could look like using the Unreal Engine.

Since then, another Gen 4 fan has used the blocky world of Minecraft to faithfully recreate areas of Diamond & Pearl. 

Diamond & Pearl Minecraft remake 

Twinleaf Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
Minecraft’s blocky graphics really capture the original DS game’s pixel aesthetics.

Mojang’s world of Minecraft is endless and players have been creating amazing worlds since the title released. From gigantic floating kingdoms to vast island paradises, there is always something new to be created. However, Reddit user bubsy200 has recreated a number of early locations from Diamond & Pearl. 

The sleepy starting location of Twinleaf Town has been carefully recreated and features its very own Furfrou and Ralts. A quick walk through the quaint town leads right on over to the dense forest of Route 201. Everything from blocky trees, sections of tall grass, raised platforms, and Verity Lakefront can be seen here. 

While swarms of Starly and Bidoof don’t make an appearance, the wooded area is just oozing with charm. After running through Route 201, bubsy200 enters Sand Gem Town and enters Professor Rowan’s lab. The interior has been kitted out with Rowan’s scientific tools and studies, while the Pokemon Center and Pokemon Mart include everything a trainer could possibly need. 

Once bubsy200 has finished their tour of Sand Gem Town, they head over to Route 202 and begin making their way over to Jubilife City. The city’s towering buildings can just be seen through the trees and we’re given a great aerial perspective as the Minecraft player takes to the skies. 

The Sinnoh city is home to all kinds of useful amenities like the GTS, Trainer School, Pokétch Company, and the Jubilife TV Station. All of these buildings have been carefully recreated to match the original game. 

To make matters even better, this project is still ongoing and bubsy200 aims to upload a new video once new towns have been added. While official news surrounding the rumored new Diamond & Pearl remakes may be scarce, this fan creation proves has helped sate our hunger for the Sinnoh title. 

Minecraft mods

Pokecube AIO
Pokecube AIO
Pokecube AIO adds some Pokemon magic to your Minecraft world.

If you wish to have a go an recreating your own Diamond & Pearl remake, you can find all the mods bubsy200 used below: 

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