Custom Smash Ultimate controller literally shocks Pichu players

Michael Gwilliam

Pichu mains in Smash Ultimate may be used to how their fighter takes damage whenever it uses special attacks, but now they can feel the pain alongside their Pokemon with a crazy new custom controller.

Popular internet user Insert Controller Here has a history of creating whacky controllers for Smash Ultimate and his latest creation could the most shocking yet – quite literally.

Taking to Twitter, the inventor showed off his newest project, dubbed the “Pichu Tazer Controller,” sharing their plans to improve it in the future and revealing some demo testing footage as well.

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“The design itself is pretty simple,” he explained. “It’s just a Tazer that’s wired to a Nintendo Switch controller. Any time Pichu uses a self-damaging special move, the Tazer activates.”

The list of moves that do damage to Pikachu’s baby evolution include: Thunder jolt, Skullbash, Agility, and Thunder.

With Skullbash, however, the shock is only activated when the most is released as it has a bit of a startup phase.

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Pichu is considered a glass-cannon in Smash Ultimate, given its extremely hard-hitting potential at the cost of inflicting damage to himself. So far, Pichu is the lightest character in the game, weighing less than all other fighters including Mr Game & Watch.

From a design standpoint, the controller itself looks pretty nice and is an officially licensed product (aside from the Tazer obviously). It has a slick black and yellow color scheme matching the Pokemon it’s based off. Additionally, instead of the Smash logo in the middle, there’s a Pikachu icon.

While the controller does issue a small stun, it doesn’t seem to hurt its maker that badly, though he did claim it was “probably one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever had.”

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As we mentioned, this isn’t the first wild invention by Insert Controller Here. He found a way to play Minecraft with a pickaxe, a minigun for Team Fortress 2 and literally turned a Fisher Price toy into a fully-operational Melee controller.

Pichu mains are already a bit masochistic as is, but this probably takes the cake. The only question is: will it be tournament legal?