Razer Edge gaming handheld gets $100 discount in Amazon deal

Rosalie Newcombe
Razer Edge Handheld

The Razer Edge gaming handheld is packed with high-end features, and now it’s got a healthy $100 discount thanks to an Amazon deal.

Playing games on your smartphone is a great way to game on the go. Whether you have a smartphone designed for gaming, or just use your everyday phone. Yet, not everyone likes being bombarded with the texts and notifications that come with using your phone as a gaming device.

That’s where the Razer Edge comes in. The Android gaming handheld is custom-built, powered by a Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 chipset. The lightweight handheld can play anything, from Android and Xbox Cloud Gaming titles, or even remote play your Steam library.

The handheld is still cutting-edge, and it’s just gotten a healthy 25% discount in a fantastic Amazon deal.

Razer Edge handheld with Kishi V2 pro beside it

The Razer Edge features a 6.8-inch 144Hz FHD+ touchscreen display, for a fluid and responsive performance. Paired with its Snapdragon G3ZX Gen 1 chipset, and Kyro CPU, the Razer Edge is tailored to play your favorite Android games and make them run smoother than your typical smartphone.

The handheld is made up of two parts, the Razer Edge tablet and the Kishi V2 Pro detachable controllers. The controllers come jam-packed with everything you need, from microswitch buttons, analog triggers, programmable macros, and even Razer-branded HyperSense Haptics.

The Razer Edge is powered by the Razer Nexus app, to give you a definitive Android gaming experience. From the dashboard, you can launch games, take screenshots and videos, and even stream your gaming sessions, which is no small feat.

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