Pokemon Labyrinth board game gets 48% slashed off

Em Stonham
Pokemon Labyrinth game with beach background.

Have you ever played Pokemon Labyrinth before? It’s a super fun board game, and it’s just been discounted by 48% on the Ravensburger Amazon store.

Pokemon merchandise comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a fan of the video games, trading cards, or even the manga, there’s bound to be something to suit your interests.

One particularly niche part of the Pokemon world is the board game selection. There isn’t a huge amount to pick from, but one of the best by far is Pokemon Labyrinth by Ravensburger. If you’ve never played this before, you’re in luck – it’s currently 48% off on Amazon.

Pokemon board game almost half price on Amazon

If you’ve never heard of Ravensburger before, they’re the brains behind Lorcana. This company is known for exceptional board games and trading card games, and Pokemon Labyrinth is no different.

It’s a lot of fun to play and it’s suitable for board game fans of all ages. The front of the box suggests that it’s ideal for players aged 7 and up, so if you’re hunting for a family game night idea, this could be the best pick for you.

Pokemon Labyrinth product photo.
Pokemon Labyrinth product photo.

This game is simple to pick up, with a constantly-changing maze acting as the focus. Players must navigate the maze and find hidden treasures. The first player to find all their treasures and return to the start wins the game.

Something that’s great about this game is that the rulebook comes in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, and Portuguese, so it’s useful for players who speak a variety of different languages.

If you’ve been looking for a board game that’s suitable for both younger players and older players, it’s worth taking a look at this one. It doesn’t take long to set up and it doesn’t take long to play either, but it’s a lot of fun regardless and has solid replay value.

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