Summit1g shocks Sea of Thieves crew with classic prank

. 3 years ago

Jaryd ‘Sea of Thieves streamers around and his Twitch chat weren’t to be disappointed by his broadcast on October 20, after he stunned another team with a classic prank. 

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The variety streamer often decides to rotate the games he plays for his viewers, mixing between GTA RP, World of Warcraft, and a few others in recent months, but his return to the pirating title hasn’t quite gone to plan – after he pleaded with Rare to make changes to PvP elements of the game. 

However, it hasn’t all been negative since he came back, and nothing shows us that more than one of the pranks that he pulled on another team. It didn’t just leave his fans in stitches, but the enemy crew as well. 

Players can easily place markers on the Sea of Thieves map.
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After sneaking on board another team’s vessel, the streamer managed to hide it out in the map room of their Galleon for a few moments, waiting to pick his spot. 

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    As they scrolled up and down the map for a few moments, it appeared that the summit1g masterpiece wasn’t going to be discovered, but they eventually stumbled across it and his reaction was just perfect. 

    This isn’t the only time that he’s managed to pull this prank off, of course, having done it a number of times just to warn crews that he’s nearby. After all, when it comes to toying with opponents in Sea of Thieves, there aren’t many better players than summit. 

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