Major changes announced for Rocket League’s Championship Series


Psyonix, developers of the immensely popular Rocket League, have revealed an overhaul to the game’s esports scene, following criticism from a number of the league’s teams. 

Back in May, 13 professional Rocket League teams penned a letter to Psyonix regarding their issues with the competitive scene. Among other things, the developer’s communication with teams was highlighted as a particular low point.

While many teams were expecting minor changes and adjustments to the existing model, Psyonix have surprised the community by revealing a complete overhaul to the existing esports model, which will now be replaced with a Rocket League ‘open circuit’.

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The existing RLCS is being overhauled.

The new format will consist of three splits per season. Each split will consist of three regional events (EU, NA etc.), culminating in an international major tournament. There will still be a separate World Championship (alongside the three splits), taking place in the same calendar year.

The regional events, taking place prior to the international competitions, will award team points based on their performances. These points will enable teams to qualify for the larger tournaments, potentially deciding seeds and brackets too.

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The RLCS’ current format is being done away with.

Exisiting success in the RLCS will not be discounted however, with Psyonix taking existing standings into account moving forward.

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“Additionally, all currently qualified RLCS and Rival Series teams will have automatic qualification to the first Split of a weekly league that will run from beginning to end of each Split,” the letter, obtained by EsportObserver, said.

Psyonix concluded by reaffirming their commitment to better communication, another change that will be welcomed by nearly every team.

The news follows Cloud9’s departure from professional Rocket League, and may help dissuade other organizations from following suit.