Resident Evil 4 fans call out remake for “nightmare milk” rain effects

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Resident Evil 4 rain effects nightmare milk

More pre-release footage for the Resident Evil 4 remake has been released – and although fans are still excited to get their hands on it, players are calling out the title’s rain effects for being distracting and hoping it’s “just a pre-release graphical issue.”

Resident Evil 4 is one of the most influential and well-known video games ever released. Between rave scores from the series’ fans and critics at release, to being re-released on pretty much any video game platform you can think of, it’s hard to deny just how long this game has stayed in the public eye.

The history behind this title has fans both excited for the upcoming remake and skeptical of whether or not it can recapture the highs of its source material.

A pre-release trailer was released by Game Informer – one that has fans of the series talking about Resident Evil 4 remake’s rain effects. They’re calling it “nightmare milk” and comparing the rain to the GTA remake trilogy’s rain effects.

Resident Evil 4 remake fans claim rain effects are worse than RE2R

Resident Evil 2 remake kicked off Capcom’s trend of remaking these classic survival horror titles, and it was praised for its graphical fidelity upon release.

The graphics brought Resident Evil 2’s story into the modern era 20 years after its initial release, with high-fidelity graphics and gameplay updates to match.

Resident Evil 4 remake aims to accomplish many of the same goals while preserving what made the original loved by fans, but some pre-release footage has fans scratching their heads as to what’s going on with the rain effects.

The comparison between what rain looked like in the Resident Evil 4 remake trailer and what it looked like in RE2R shows the stark difference between the two titles so far. People are calling the new rain “nightmare milk” due to its large, clumpy, teardrop-like appearance and are comparing it to the rain effects in the universally panned GTA remaster trilogy.

While the rest of the trailer has fans excited to see more of the game and eventually play it when it comes out on March 25, 2023, the rain effects have become a talking point amongst the Resident Evil community.

With the game still being a ways away from release, there’s still time for the developers to bring these effects more in-line with what was on display in RE2R if they choose to do so. This is from pre-release footage after all, and it’s subject to change before the final product comes out.

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