The Trust Season 1 cast: Meet the stars of Netflix’s hit show

Stephanie Harper

This new reality TV show is all about money, greed, trustworthiness, and deceit. Meet the cast of The Trust on Netflix.

Now that the first few episodes of The Trust are available for binge-watching on Netflix, it’s time to meet the cast members.

Netflix drops different reality TV shows full of competition all the time!

This particular show is intriguing based on the fact that the premise focuses on money, greed, and trustworthiness. Who is part of the cast?

Meet the cast of The Trust on Netflix

Lindsay is a 43-year-old business coach, Winnie is a 31-year-old bartender, and Brian is a 42-year-old rancher.

Juelz is a 32-year-old police officer, Tolú is a 26 year old marketing manager, and Julie is a 28-year-old entrepreneur.

Simone is an unemployed 55-year-old, Bryce is a 22-year-old realtor, and Jake is a 37-year-old military contractor.

Last but not least, Gaspard is a 33-year-old teacher and Jay is a 70-year-old retiree.

Since this game is classified as a game of “greed,” intense drama is exactly what viewers can expect. The first batch of episodes show the contestants either working together or butting heads with $250,000 in mind.

With a quarter of $1 million on the line, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to who you trust, who you betray, and what type of intentions you want to display in front of the cameras.

The first batch of episodes landed on Netflix on January 10 and the next batch will premiere on January 24.

As of now, six of the contestants have been eliminated through a voting process, leaving only five competitors to battle it out for the cash prize.

Is there a chance these individuals will be willing to split the money with each other? It’s a mystery for now!

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