How much money is left in The Trust prize money? Offers explained

Stephanie Harper

The Trust on Netflix has viewers curious to know which contestant will take home $250,000.

The latest reality TV show to get excited about is called The Trust.

It allows a group of strangers to see if they’re open-minded to the concept of splitting $250,000 with each other.

Netflix doesn’t shy away from reality TV shows full of competition. How much money is left in the trust prize fund as of now?

The Trust prize fund

As of now, the entire prize fund is still intact. There are only five contestants who remain in the competition, which means six people have lost the opportunity to take home a portion of $250,000.

The first contestant to get eliminated was Juelz Morgan. He was voted off by Lindsey, Winnie, Tolú, Jay and Julie.

After that, Simone Stewart got cut during Episode 2. The reason she was removed from the competition is because she didn’t show much support towards the other women she was spending time with while filming.

The third person to get the boot was Bryce Lee. He was voted out by Tolú, Julie, Winnie, and Lindsey. Jay Patterson was the next individual to lose out on a potential portion of $250,000.

When she was officially voted out, she blamed Lindsay for playing her along the way. Winnie Ilesso was also voted off the show after doing her best to convince people she had good intentions.

Brian Firebaugh, Gaspare, Jake and Lindsey had no patience for her and casted votes to send her home. The sixth contestant to get the axe was Lindsey Anderson.

Since she connected with people she was filming with, she was stunned to learn that she wouldn’t be continuing with the show – or continuing towards a chance at taking home any money.

The finale episode lands on Netflix on January 24, 2024. Reality TV lovers will have to wait to see to find out who will come out on top.

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