Love Is Blind’s Zack is considering starting a YouTube channel with Bliss

Bliss and Zack from Love Is BlindInstagram: @zackgoytowski

Zack from Love Is Blind Season 4 just shared with his fans that he might be joining YouTube.

Even though Zack Goytowski did end up finding love and getting married on Season 4 of Love Is Blind, he had a pretty rocky experience.

His first engagement was with fellow contestant Irina Solomonova, who was seen by fans as one of the mean girls of the season. Their relationship ultimately fell through and the couple called it quits. In the same season, Zack started a relationship with contestant Bliss Poureetezadi. The couple got married in the finale episode and their relationship is still going strong.

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In fact, Zack recently shared on social media that is considering starting a YouTube channel with Bliss.

Is Zack from Love Is Blind starting a YouTube channel?

On April 26, Zack took to Instagram to reveal that he and his wife are working together to create long-form content on YouTube together.

 After his poll of whether or not they should start the YouTube channel was voted yes by the majority, the reality tv star went on to explain the details behind it.

He wrote that, “The idea would be one or both of us would take on challenges put forward by our community. And we would work together to accomplish them. Example: Zack gets singing lessons. Or Zack and Bliss learn and speak only sign language for a week.”

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Zack hasn’t announced whether or not they will actually create the YouTube channel.

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