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Rainbow Six Zero guide: best loadout, tips and tricks for new attacker

Published: 17/Aug/2020 1:15

by Andrew Amos


Sam Fisher, codename Zero, is coming to Rainbow Six: Siege in Operation Shadow Legacy. The Splinter Cell veteran is a known quantity to Tom Clancy fans, but he can still take enemies by surprise in Siege with his great intel-gathering utility.

After months of speculation, Sam Fisher has joined Team Rainbow. A veteran of the Tom Clancy franchise, the Splinter Cell hero will be a playable attacker when Operation Shadow Legacy launches.


Armed with great intel-gathering cameras, and explosive utility to catch enemies by surprise, Zero is arguably the ultimate camera operator for defense. No longer will you have to worry about using drones on the flank, Zero can set up better cameras from almost anywhere.

Zero in Operation Shadow Legacy
Sam Fisher, aka Zero, is the new attacker in Operation Shadow Legacy.

Best loadout for Zero

Zero’s loadout is pretty straightforward. You only have one sidearm to choose from, and on attack, Assault Rifles reign supreme. That makes choosing between his SC3000K or his MP7 pretty easy.


However, controlling his AR can be difficult at times. It can feel pretty sluggish, and it’s not the nicest primary to fire. Adding a Muzzle Brake and using the Angled Grip seems to help speed it up a little bit though. Depending on the sightlines you hold, the 1.5x scope or the 2.0x scope is all you’ll need optics-wise.

  • Primary: SC3000K
    • Scope: 2.0x
    • Attachment: Muzzle Brake
    • Grip: Angled Grip
    • Laser: No Laser
  • Sidearm: 5.7USG with no laser
  • Secondary Gadget: Frag Grenades

How to play Zero

Zero is very good at leading the charge with his cameras. He gets four of them a round, so you can be a bit liberal in using them. You can choose to peek around corners with them, waiting for enemy fire as bait, or jumping on your phone and looking in.

You can also peek into bombsites through reinforced walls, hatches, ceilings, and floors. Changing up how you peek every round will keep defenders on their toes. The cameras are also good for watching flanks, as they can be placed in spots drones can’t reach.


You can flip your cameras inside-out to protect them from enemy fire. This is especially good if you are trying to poke into a bombsite. Just got into your camera tab, press spacebar, and the camera will redeploy on the other side. You can then press space to flick it back around.

Much like Twitch, you’d want to use your camera laser to take out enemy utility. Given it only does five damage, it’s not enough to kill a downed enemy. You only get one of them per camera, so use them wisely. You can’t destroy Evil Eyes or Banshee’s with them, but you can take down ADSes, pop open Mira windows, and cull Mozzie pests.

As for his gunplay, his 5.7USG with a suppressor is very good for surprising enemies and getting kills on the flank. His SC3000K is nothing to scoff at either, with decently high damage, although its rate of fire is middling.


Once you flush out enemy roamers, you can then peer into the bombsite to help your allies execute. With frags at your disposal, you can fire them in to catch enemies off guard if you spot them on your camera.

Zero will come out with Operation Shadow Legacy, and will be free for all Year 5 Pass holders. Regular players will be able to buy him with Renown or R6 Points a week after his release. You can try him out for yourself on the TTS starting August 17.

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Y5S3.3 patch to nerf Ace, Melusi & Oryx changes, more

Published: 9/Oct/2020 6:32

by Andrew Amos


Rainbow Six’s Y5S3.3 patch is just around the corner. While the Tachanka rework won’t be shipped, major changes to Ace, Melusi, Oryx, Glaz, and more will be awaiting players in the balance update.

If you were hoping the Tachanka rework was being shipped to Rainbow Six’s live servers this early, you’re sadly incorrect. The Russian operator is currently available for testing on the TTS with a release planned for a couple of weeks time.


In the meanwhile, some major changes are being made to the live game. Year 5 operators Ace, Melusi, and Oryx are being targeted to try and bring their power in line, while other, older operators are getting a leg up in the Y5S3.3 patch.

Ace loses SELMA charge, Glaz movement penalty buffed

Siege’s newest hard breacher, Ace, is hitting a little bit too hard. His SELMA charges have proven to be a nuisance. They are arguably the best hard breach gadget in the game, able to open up massive holes at any size he so chooses.


However, he will be a bit more vulnerable to tricking after Y5S3.3. He is losing one of his SELMA charges, going down from three to two. This means he can only open up two holes or one hatch a round.

“With this change we aim to reduce the presence of the Operator, maintain Thermite as a credible alternative, and to invite Ace players to think twice when placing S.E.L.M.A. on a reinforced wall,” Ubisoft said.

Glaz, on the other end of the attacker spectrum, is getting a buff. The Russian sniper has struggled since his revamp, and while it’s not a total reversal coming through, his movement penalty is being buffed so it’s a bit more forgiving.

Glaz in Rainbow Six Siege
The neglected Glaz is getting some love in Y5S3.3.

Melusi & Oryx swap primary weapons in power shift

On the defender side of things, two of the most recently released operators are swapping primaries. Melusi will grab Oryx’s MP5 to “slightly reduce her versatility and ability to win gunfights,” while Oryx will get the T-5 to help his roaming.

Frost is getting the ITA12S as a new secondary to help her open up rotation holes and provide a bit more to her team. Tachanka is losing his 1.5x scope on his 9x19VSN ahead of his rework too.

The TCSG-12 and ACS-12 shotguns are also being buffed. The TCSG-12 was once the weapon of choice on Kaid and Goyo, and it could return to the top with increased damage at range now. The ACS-12 will also benefit from the same change.

Melusi in Rainbow Six Siege
Melusi losing her T-5 will affect her roaming ability.

You can find the full set of intended changes for the Rainbow Six Y5S3.3 patch below.

Rainbow Six Y5S3.3 early patch notes

Operator Balancing


  • Reduce the number of S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher explosions to 2 (from 3).


  • Adding the ITA12S as a secondary weapon.


  • Reduce vision recovery time to 0.4s (from 1s).
  • Reduce movement penalization by 50% (from 6s to 12s of movement).


  • Adding MP5 as a primary weapon (Removing T-5).
  • Optics available on the MP5: Red Dot, Holographic, Reflex.


  • Adding T-5 as a primary weapon (Removing MP5).
  • Optics available on the T-5: Red Dot, Holographic, Reflex, Scope 1.5x.


  • Removed 1.5x Scope from Tachanka’s 9x19VSN.



  • Damage drop-off has been made more progressive to reach minimal damage at 50m (instead of 20m).
  • Damage at maximum range increase to 68% (from 48%).
  • Suppressor damage penalization normalized to -12.5% regardless the range.


  • Damage drop-off has been made more progressive to reach minimal damage at 50m (instead of 20m).
  • Damage at maximum range increase to 68% (from 48%).
  • Suppressor damage penalization normalized to -12.5% regardless the range.