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Rainbow Six Y5S1.2 patch to feature Jager & Mozzie nerfs, Ying buffs, more

Published: 1/Apr/2020 3:24

by Andrew Amos


An update pushed to the Rainbow Six: Siege TTS server on March 31 has given players a look into the upcoming Y5S1.2 patch, and Jager is once again being targeted for nerfs.

Rainbow Six is almost halfway through Y5S1 and Operation Void Edge, and players are slowly starting to gear up for Y5S2. While no information about the next major update is available, there’s still small balance patches going through ahead of time.


The latest Rainbow Six TTS patch has targeted OP defenders like Jager and Mozzie, and given some attackers like Buck and Ying a bit of a leg-up.

Jager holding M870 in Rainbow Six Siege
Jager can’t seem to escape nerfs in Rainbow Six.

Jager nerfed again

Shipped onto the test server on March 31, Jager’s newest nerf is more drastic than the damage cut from his 416-C Carbine ⁠— at least for most players. He will now be classed as a two-speed, two-armor operator, instead of a three-speed, one-armor.


While this on paper doesn’t sound like much, it has a major impact on how Jager usually plays. Players would combine his lethal Carbine with his high mobility to roam around the map and get kills.

However, now with his speed cut, he’s losing a lot of his mobility to make those quick flanks to surprise enemies. Combined with the increased time to kill with his Carbine, Jager will be a ghost of his former self if these nerfs go through.

Mozzie has now lost his Super Shorty, making his promo picture a relic of the past.

Defensive shotguns tuned down

Mozzie also had his Super Shorty removed, leaving him with the SDP 9mm as his only sidearm. The shotgun provided the Australian defender a bit too much utility, so removing his soft destruction should make him a bit less flexible.


It’s unclear as to whether Mozzie will get a replacement to the Super Shorty in time for the Y5S1.2 patch.

The TCSG-12 on Kaid and Goyo is also being nerfed, having its damage almost halved to 55 from 84. While it’s getting another 11-bullet magazine, the damage nerf should significantly decrease the power of both defenders in fire-fights.

Ying is getting another set of buffs in Y5S1.2.

Ying’s lighting it up

Buff-wise, Ying has been lined up with a couple of positive changes. She will have access to a fourth Candela, and her T-95 LSW damage is being upped by three to 46. Her claymores are being replaced by smokes, which improves her ability to cut sightlines down in sites.


Buck and Caveria have been hit by changes that aren’t explicitly buffs or nerfs. While Buck will have 26 skeleton keys to use instead of 21, his lethal Frag Grenades are being replaced with Claymores.

Caveria will now have the option to equip a Holographic sight to her M12, so players won’t always be forced onto the Reflex or Red Dot. If you are more comfortable using holo sights, it’ll be a welcome change for sure.


These changes are only live on the test server, and have not made it to the live game yet. There’s potential for these updates to be reverted or tweaked slightly as well, and we will keep you posted if there are any changes.

You can read the full patch notes below.

Rainbow Six March 31 TTS patch notes



  • Frag Grenades replaced with Claymores
  • Increased Skeleton Key Magazine Capacity: Skeleton Key magazine capacity increased to 5 + 1, Skeleton Key max ammo count is now 25+1

Buck brings an exclusive soft breaching capability to his team that makes him the best at what he does, and we feel having Frag Grenades on top of that is a bit too much. The Claymore should reduce the punch in his kit from the frags, but do more to provide cover while he is soft breaching.


  • Added Razor Holographic Sight option to her M12

We feel like the Razor is a great addition for the M12 due to the good visibility it grants while aiming and gives it more customization options.


  • Now a 2-speed/2-armor operator.

Jager is a very strong roamer and multiple data points demonstrate his huge presence in-game. To make his presence a bit less oppressive in-game, we’re looking to moderate that by reducing his roaming potential.


  • Removed Super Shorty secondary.

He is currently a powerful intelligence-counter and is a great roamer in the same breath. Altogether, this gives him very high game presence as a single Operator and we’re looking to tone down just how much he brings to his team.


  • Increased number of Candelas to 4 (up from 3).
  • Replaced Claymores with Smoke Grenades.
  • Increased T-95 LSW damage to 46 (up from 43).

Ying’s presence is still lower than expected even after improving her candelas in the Y5S1. We hope that giving her kit some more juice in her gadgets and weapon should help her out on that front.

TCSG12 (Kaid, Goyo)

  • Added additional magazine to the TCSG12.
  • Reduced TCSG12 damage to 55 (down from 84).

The TCSG12 as it is now can currently kill any operator with 2 shots. We’re adding an extra magazine while reducing its power to give more firefight stamina without being overly punishing.

Bug Fixes

All bugs mentioned below have been fixed.

  • Barricade replication issues that caused rubberbanding and/or throwable objects to bounce off destroyed barricades.
  • Game boots with DX11 when players manually select the Vulkan executable in the Steam installation folder.
  • Dynamic Play button does not update properly when the last match was on an Event/Discovery playlist.
  • Players can clip inside excavators in EXT Construction Site of Oregon.
  • Minor menu/shop visual fixes.
  • Gris charm missing from some players’ inventories.
  • Zofia’s birthday gift skin not applying properly to the LMG-E.
Rainbow Six

How to watch Rainbow Six Tachanka rework full reveal: release date, more

Published: 6/Oct/2020 2:32

by Andrew Amos


Tachanka’s rework is coming to Rainbow Six very soon. After being revealed at the Six Invitational, Ubisoft is sharing more details with the playerbase very soon. We’ve got everything you need to know about the Tachanka rework presentation right here.

The Lord has arisen. Well, he’s about to, at least. Rainbow Six’s Tachanka is the first operator in line for a major rework in Ubisoft’s tactical shooter, and it’s right around the corner.


The cult hero’s overhaul was first revealed at the Six Invitational, to rapturous applause from the crowd. The turret wielding Russian might retain his legendary status, but picking him will no longer be a meme.

Ubisoft are set to drop more details about Tachanka’s rework very soon. In fact, it could be coming in just a matter of weeks, or even days, on Operation Shadow Legacy. Here’s what we know about the full reveal coming soon.


Rainbow Six Tachanka rework stream

It’s unclear if the Tachanka rework full reveal is going to be streamed on Twitch, or just be a video uploaded to Ubisoft’s accounts globally. However, we do have a set date for when you should expect more info: October 7.

The full reveal will go live on October 7 at 10am ET / 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

Tachanka rework details: new molotov gadget, more

Tachanka’s kit is heavily outdated in Rainbow Six. His static playstyle doesn’t fit with the dynamic of Siege. However, that’s all going to change when the Russian defender gets his rework.


We’ve already seen the major changes. Tachanka will now wield an incendiary grenade launcher instead of his turret. It’ll work similarly to Capitao’s bolts, helping lock down certain areas.

“The incendiary grenade launcher not only fits his theme of like World War II, old weapons, but also adds a real interest into his gameplay that’ll move him from being a meme character to a meta pick,” game director Leroy Athanassoff told Dexerto.

He will instead get his LMG as his primary weapon. It comes with supreme destructibility, with the ability to open up soft walls and hatches with ease. It also packs a decent punch, although the fire rate isn’t anything to write home about.


The Lord himself is set to get an Elite skin too. He’s ripped off his top ⁠— but kept the helmet on ⁠— as he marks a new era with a new look.

The Tachanka rework will likely arrive in Operation Shadow Legacy. However, a firm release date hasn’t been locked. We will keep you posted as new info arises.